EA at E3 2018: Games, Start Time & What You Need to Know

Battlefield V 1

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No other publisher has had as “tumultuous” a time of it as EA has lately, though it’s hard to believe that they couldn’t see it coming. A company that’s known for pushing buttons among gamers, they pushed one too many with the questionable monetisation mechanics in Star Wars Battlefront II, which led to a widespread look into monetisation practices in the industry as a whole.

While it’s going to take a lot for EA to distance themselves from that (their reputation is irreparably damaged in the eyes of many), E3 2018 is their chance to start making amends, to deliver games that don’t have content carved out or packed to the gills with gambling mechanics.

Rather than taking to the main stage at E3, EA will be hosting their “EA Play” event again this year, which was just about the most cringeworthy thing about 2017’s convention. EA Play will offer hands-on time with games from June 9th with EA presenting their line-up on June 11th. If you’re curious to watch it unfold, here’s everything you need to know about EA at E3 2018.


When is EA’s E3 2018 Conference?


June 9th at 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET / 7 PM BST / 6 PM GMT (June 10 at 4 AM for AET). Last year’s EA Play was a little on the long side and focused almost exclusively on Battlefront II and some atrocious hosts, so here’s hoping they cut down on that this year.


Where can I watch EA’s E3 2018 conference?

Battlefield V 5

All the usual suspects, including EA’s social channels and Twitch with the official EA Play site also hosting the stream. You will also be able to find the streams on outlets like Polygon and IGN, if that’s your kind of thing. We, meanwhile, will be hastily screnshotting trailers as we go.


Which games will be on display at EA’s E3 2018 conference?


It’s always easy to let your imagination run away from you during E3 season, but EA Play isn’t going to offer many surprises, we think.

Anthem is probably the game they will talk about the month to control the conversation around it being delayed. By showcasing some gameplay, they will seek to reduce worries of it being a project in trouble. It sure looks pretty, but if they do that fake banter with friends thing again, we are throwing Anthem in the sea.

Battlefield V probably doesn’t need all that much time in the limelight considering it had a whole bunch of time given to it during its own unique stream. Some legitimate gameplay wouldn’t go amiss, however, as well as more details on the repairing mechanics in action, as well as a deeper look at how they’re going to keep it afloat without Premium.

For an outside bet, anything on either of Respawn’s two current projects, Titanfall 3 and a Star Wars game, would go down a treat. The untitled Star Wars title is due some time to shine alongside the sequel to probably the best FPS game of this generation that not enough people played. As long as they don’t send it out to die in the release schedule, Titanfall 3 should do fine.

For obvious picks, look to their annual sports games to have a decent showing, including FIFA 19’s The Journey in which an old and geriatric Alex Hunter tries to take Yeovil to Champions League glory at the ripe old age of 59. Probably. It will be interesting to see what becomes of their many varieties of Ultimate Team, however, especially as its one of the progenitors of gambling for digital rewards.

If you’re wondering what we want to see, it’s pretty simple: a modern reworking of SSX 3 and a brand new Burnout game. There’s nothing more that really needs to be said.

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