E3 2018: 7 Games To Expect During Bethesda’s Briefing

Rage 2

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Outside of the main console publishers, arguably the biggest event of E3 2018 will be Bethesda’s conference. Their pre-E3 announcements have already done a fantastic job of drumming up interest in the publishing house’s line-up, but there’s probably a few more surprises in store for us. If you’re not sure what to expect from one of the powerhouses of the gaming industry, allow us to break it down for you.


1. Fallout: 76

Fallout 76

Unfortunately not a crossover with the Overwatch universe (sorry, Soldier: 76), Fallout: 76 is the latest game in the long-running post-apocalyptic RPG series. Confirmed details are thin on the ground currently, with plenty of rumours and reports stating that Fallout: 76 is a co-op game, or it’s more MMO inspired like Elder Scrolls Online. There could even be a battle royale element for all we know.

However, we do know that the game will take place in the year 2102, placing it about 60 years before the events of the original Fallout and a century and a half before Fallout 3, New Vegas and 4. Instead of visiting towns that have been rebuilt post nuclear war, you might be the one who forms one such settlement. We’ll likely find out more next week.


2. Rage 2

Rage 2

From one post-apocalypse to another, you could have given us infinite guesses on which game from the last generation would be getting a sequel, and Rage wouldn’t have broken the top 50. But here we are, Rage 2 is officially happening, and honestly, it looks like it could be a massive improvement over the original game.

Rage 2 is a collaboration between id Software, some of the best FPS developers going, and Avalanche Studios, famous for the open worlds and destruction of Mad Max and Just Cause. Just those two names alone should be enough to intrigue most gaming fans, and if the trailer is anything to go by, this looks like a marriage made in heaven. Or, post-asteroid impact wasteland at least.


3. Quake Champions

Quake Champions

Announced during E3 2016, Quake Champions marked the return of one of the founding fathers of the competitive FPS genre. Having been in early access for the better part of a year, the game has retained a small but loyal following, though it’s had somewhat of an identity crisis during that time. It was a hero-shooter with old-school mechanics, until an update a few months back added a mode that turned those abilities off.

Still, the team behind the game are still working diligently to make the game gets regular updates, included a new gore update that was teased last month. Expect more announcements along those lines, and maybe, if Bethesda feel like giving us a real big shock, maybe even a console release date. Dare to dream, people.


4. Prey

Source: PC World

The official Prey Twitter account has been teasing something involving the Earth’s Moon for a while now, so E3 might be the place where we get some hard confirmation. Whether that’ll come in the form of a DLC pack or a spin-off game similar to Dishonored: Death of the Outsider, the answer will probably reveal themselves at E3. You know, like a Mimic.


5. Starfield

Just imagine there’s an actual game in this picture.

Bethesda already have a ton of RPGs in their portfolio, so what’s another one between friends, eh? Starfield, a sci-fi space faring RPG that couldn’t be more opposed to something like The Elder Scrolls games, has been on the rumour list for a long time now, but the idea that it’ll make its official debut during this year’s E3 has gained some traction.

Supposed leaks for the game say that’ll be able to hop from planet to planet, build settlements on randomly generated worlds, find and romance companions and engage in quest lines depending on what faction you join. There is the chance that this is all bullshit, but if Starfield does exist, E3 is the best place to expect some kind of announcement.


6. DOOM 2: Electric Demon Boogaloo


We can all agree that DOOM (2016) was a critical and commercial success for both Bethesda and id Software, perfectly blending together an old school run and gun mentality with up to date gunplay and mechanics. A sequel was considered inevitable, especially after the cliffhanger ending, though what kind of nerd would play DOOM for the story? Still, a follow-up might be sooner than you think.

In an interview with Dualshockers, Bethesda’s Senior Vice President of Marketing Pete Hines said the following: “But I will say, we have a lot of new stuff to talk about at E3. Whether or not folks realize it, this is the Hell on Earth time for us with E3.” How he phrased that is significant, as Hell on Earth was the subtitle for DOOM 2 decades ago. It could be a coincidence, but you don’t get to be a VP of Marketing without choosing your words carefully. Expect to see some demons during this year’s E3.


7. Fallout 3 Remastered

Fallout 3

Right, we’re hinging this one on the idea that the new Fallout: 76 is a online game of some sort, a departure from Fallout’s more traditional single player adventures. In order to satiate the community that just want single player content, Bethesda will probably announce a remastered version of Fallout 3, just because it’d sell like hotcakes.

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