Fallout 76 May Take Place In 2102, The Earliest In The Franchise Yet [UPDATED]

Fallout 76

We told you we were going to scour the teaser trailer for Fallout 76 for clues, and we may have just found one. Namely, the year in which its set, which may make it the earliest game in the Fallout timeline to date.

If you go to 1:13 in the teaser trailer, you will see the mysterious Vault Dweller setting up his Pip-Boy, which is also one of the official press shots for the game.

Fallout 76

Look slightly closer, however, and you will notice some text on the Pip-Boy.

Fallout 76 pip-boy

When flipped vertically, a date is clearly visible: 27, OCT, 2102.

Fallout 76 pip-boy 2

Unless this is a weird celebration of Nelly’s Dilemma reaching number 1 on its 100th anniversary, this is almost certainly the timeframe in which Fallout 76 will take place.

If this is correct, Fallout 76 will take place at the earliest point in the Fallout franchise to date. For reference, Fallout 1 is 2161, Fallout 2 is 2241, Fallout 3 is 2277, Fallout: New Vegas is 2281 and Fallout 4 is 2287.

This falls in line with what we little we know about Vault 76 from its references in prior Fallout games. The lore dictates that Vault 76 would open twenty years after the apocalypse of 2077, so with it being five years off its “opening date”, the inhabitants of Vault 76 may already be out in the world or something may have gone terribly wrong.

Bethesda must have left the date in the teaser for a reason, so we’ll just have to wait and see when we find out more about it at E3 2018.

UPDATE: the date on the Pip-Boy may also be referencing Fallout 76’s release date, October 27th. That falls on a Saturday, so it’s very unlikely.

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