E. Honda, Lucia & Poison Coming To Street Fighter V

Someone got a little excited.

Street Fighter V

It would seem that one of the announcement set to be made at this weekend’s massive fighting game tournament EVO 2019 has been leaked and confirmed ahead of time, as three new fighters will be joining the Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition roster. Those characters are E. Honda, Lucia and Poison. Check out their gameplay trailer below.

Fans of Street Fighter should already know who Poison and E. Honda are, as they’ve appeared in a variety of SF games in the past. Lucia is a more obscure pick, further blending the worlds of Street Fighter and Final Fight. She was one of the four playable characters that were available in Final Fight 3, and now she’s here to kick ass in Street Fighter V.

Each character will be available to purchase individually on August 4th, which is likely when they were due to be announced, probably just before Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition’s Grand Finals match. However, a Summer 2019 Character Bundle will be available on August 5th, which will include all three characters, their Battle Costume and default colours 3-10.

With this announcement coming out ahead of time, you have to wonder if Capcom have any other announcements up their sleeves going into EVO 2019. It’s been 8 months since the last character was added to Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition (Kage), so fans would like some reassurance from Capcom that they’ll either be supporting the game for another year, potentially with a Fall or Winter Character Bundle, or the news that Street Fighter 6 is in the works. Tune in to EVO 2019 to find out.

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