Doctor Who: Jodie Whittaker Announced As 13th Doctor

It's a new era for Doctor Who, as Jodie Whittaker becomes the first woman to take on the mantle of the legendary time lord.

Congratulations, nerds. You endured the Wimbledon tennis final and now you have your reward. Doctor Who’s 13th incarnation will be Jodie Whittaker. That’s right – this Christmas, the Doctor will regenerate into a woman.

Naturally, social media is in the midst of exploding at this news, and we’ll bring you more on that later. In the meantime, let’s talk about this bit of casting, shall we? Jodie Whittaker will be best known to audiences as Beth Latimer in ITV’s hit crime drama Broadchurch, where she worked alongside former tenth Doctor David Tennant, as well as Olivia Coleman (another popular fan choice for the Doctor Who role).

If you’re into your sci-fi though, you may also recognise Whittaker as Samantha Adams in cult alien movie Attack the Block – otherwise known as the flick that got John Boyega noticed before he was cast in flipping Star Wars.

So finally, let’s address the elephant in the TARDIS. If you hadn’t noticed already, Jodie Whittaker is a woman. Shock! Horror! Think of the children! The death of western civilisation at the hands of Satan worshipping SJWs is reaching its final stage. Or it could just be that Whitaker is a legitimately great actress in her own right and is going to crush us under the power of her awesome performance.

I think I’ll go with the latter. All round it seems like the most psychologically healthy.


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