Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Unlock Buzz Lightyear

Buzz Dreamlight
Buzz Dreamlight

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s highly anticipated December 2022 update has arrived. As promised, it’s brought a boatload of content including the introduction of the Toy Story realm. Upon delving into this realm, Buzz Lightyear is the first character we meet, and he’s the first to make the move to Dreamlight Valley.

The quest to unlock Buzz can be rather tricky with how many parts the game tasks its players with finding. In this guide, we will walk you through every step needed to unlock Buzz Lightyear in Disney Dreamlight Valley.


Unlocking Buzz Lightyear

Find Batteries

We are first tasked with finding batteries to stop Buzz from short-circuiting. He only needs two batteries, both of which can be found in Bonnie’s room. The first battery can be found in front of the book stack on the left-hand side of Bonnie’s bed.

The second battery is well hidden. It can be found in front of a toy oven opposite the foot of Bonnie’s bed. You’ll notice the flat part of a race track in front of a ladder, head to the right of the ladder and look behind the box to see the battery.

Bring these back to Buzz, who immediately perks up and provides you with the details of his mission. Now that he can talk properly again, Buzz asks for help to complete a rescue mission to find Woody.


Find Race Track Pieces

Racing Track
Racing Track

There are ten pieces of the track in total. Working anti-clockwise around the room, here is where to find them:

For the first piece, go to the closet and on your left, there will be a lengthy piece of the track.

Exit the closet and turn left, the second piece of the track is there in front of the bedside table.

After that, turn around and you’ll see a tiny piece of the tack glowing in front of a box.

The next bit of the track is found to the right of the portal entrance.

For the fifth piece, return to the location of the second battery and you’ll find a flat piece waiting for you.

There are two collectable parts hidden under the bridge in the lower right corner of the room, one lengthy, and one small.

Our next piece is another tiny, and easy-to-miss, bit of the track. This one is found in front of the green table, just in front of the stuffed bear.

The final parts to be found on the ground level are in the top right corner of bonnie’s bedroom, the first is in front of a pile of mats, and the other is behind the leg of the green table.

Return the ten pieces to Buzz to complete this part of the quest.


Fetch the Magic Growing Cactuses

Growing Cactus
Growing Cactus

The magic growing cactuses are the circular coloured objects scattered across the room. Once again we are going counter-clockwise around the level in order to find them.

The first can be found in Bonnie’s closet and is green, it’s pretty hard to miss.

The next cactus is yellow and is immediately to the left of the closet, between the bedroom wall and a pile of books.

Next up is the red one, which is found in front of Bonnie’s bed.

The blue one can be found just in front of the race track bridge in the bottom right corner of the room.

Last but not least is a green one, which is located in front of the pile of mats mentioned previously in the corner of Bonnie’s room.

Place the growing cactuses you found underneath the raised track pieces that are glowing. You’ll then need to water them to make them grow before returning to Buzz Lightyear once again.


Find Bonnie’s Drawings

Bonnie Drawing
Bonnie Drawing

For the last task, players must take pictures of Bonnie’s various sketches. There are only four to be found but they are better hidden than some of the previous collectables.

The first picture is located inside Bonnie’s closet. It is taped to the wall on the far left.

The next is relatively easy to find as it is propped up by a box just outside the closet door. Look to your left after exiting the closet and snap a photo.

The third drawing is on the opposite side of the room in the white cabinet beside the green table. If you can see some books and a train then you’ve got the right place.

Our final drawing may be tricky to spot, unless you know where to look. It is located high on the wall behind the racing track bridge in the bottom right corner of the room. This drawing is pink with an elephant and a penguin present, so it stands out once you know what to look for.

Once this mission is complete, Buzz will ask to have his RV placed in Dreamlight Valley. Build it using Scrooge McDuck’s sign and he will become a resident, for the low, low price of 10,000 coins.

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