Demon’s Souls PS5 Trophies: Difficulty & Time To Platinum

A demonic task.

Demon's Souls
Demon's Souls

Demon’s Souls, a launch title for the PlayStation 5, is a remake of the cult classic for the PS3 that brings all the good stuff from the original while adding a few modern tweaks. Are Demon’s Souls’ PS5 trophies a worthy update, however?

As might be painfully obvious to anyone whose familiar with Soulsborne, getting full completion in Dark Souls on PS5 is going to be quite the tall order. Not only is the game traditionally difficult, but there are also a lot of secret sidequests that aren’t signposted, meaning that you’re going to have to crack out some guides.

Here are all of the trophies for Demon’s Souls on PS5, as well as long it will take you to reach that coveted Platinum trophy.


Demon’s Souls PS5 Trophies

Demon's Souls PS5
Demon’s Souls PS5
Slayer of TrophiesAll Trophies ObtainedPlatinum
Phalanx's TrophySlayer of Demon "Phalanx"Bronze
Tower Knight's TrophySlayer of Demon "Tower Knight"Bronze
Penetrator's TrophySlayer of Demon "Penetrator"Bronze
False King's TrophySlayer of Demon "False King"Bronze
Armor Spider's TrophySlayer of Demon "Armor Spider"Bronze
Flamelurker's TrophySlayer of Demon "Flamelurker"Bronze
Dragon God's TrophySlayer of Demon "Dragon God"Bronze
Fool's Idol's TrophySlayer of Demon "Fool's Idol"Bronze
Maneater's TrophySlayer of Demon "Maneater"Bronze
Old Monk's TrophySlayer of the Demon "Old Monk"Bronze
Adjudicator's TrophySlayer of the Demon "Adjudicator"Bronze
Old Hero's TrophySlayer of the Demon "Old Hero"Bronze
Storm King's TrophySlayer of the Demon "Storm King"Bronze
Leechmonger's TrophySlayer of the Demon "Leechmonger"Bronze
Dirty Colossus' TrophySlayer of the Demon "Dirty Colossus"Bronze
Maiden Astraea's TrophySlayer of the Demon "Maiden Astraea"Bronze
Return to FormHelp a player vanquish a bossSilver
Unwelcome GuestVanquish a player as an invader

One Shall FallVanquish the Tower Knight without killing any archersSilver
Brother-in-ArmsVanquish Penetrator with BiorrBronze
Fists of LegendVanquish Dragon God with the Hands of GodBronze
Time for RollingCross the walkway through the Idol's volleys of arrows

Not FooledVanquish the Fool's Idol without hitting any clonesSilver
One Shall StandVanquish Adjudicator without having him fall downSilver
May you be unharmedVanquish Maiden Astraea without killing Garl VinlandSilver
Seekest soul powerEmbrace the power of the Old OneGold
A Dash of SageRescue Sage Freke the VisionaryBronze
UmbasaRescue Saint UrbainBronze
Worthy of the SwordDeliver Makoto to SatsukiSilver
Road to PossibilitiesGive the Searing Demon Soul to Blacksmith EdBronze
One of the fewObtain IstarelleSilver
Witch in the TowerRescue Yuria the WitchBronze
Legacy of the KingsObtain the Northern RegaliaGold
Sage's TrophyAll Magic Spells ObtainedGold
Saint's TrophyAll Miracles ObtainedGold
King of RingsAll Rings ObtainedGold

Number of trophies: 37
Platinum difficulty: 10/10
Time to Platinum: 50 hours

So, the most important thing to note here: Demon’s Souls is hard. A game that teaches you per death, it’s not an experience that most newcomers will be able to immediately pick up and be good at, so expect a steep learning curve.

A lot of the trophies for the game are for the boss fights, which are regarded as some of the trickiest fights in all of gaming. Trophies like Brother-in-Arms and Fists of Legend ask you to beat bosses with specific weapons, while One Shall Stand and Not Fooled are two boss-centric trophies that require you to do very specific, harder things. On top of all that, due to you needing to collect rings, spells, and miracles for the Saint’s Trophy, Sage’s Trophy and King of Rings trophy, we expect it will take you at least 50 hours for full Platinum completion of the game.

An interesting sidenote about these trophies: there’s actually one less trophy for Demon’s Souls on PS5 than the PS3 original.

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