Dauntless Season 5 Week 6 Hunt Pass Challenges – Staggeringly Easy

Pretty easy list.


We’re rapidly approaching the end of Season 5 of Dauntless’ Hunt Pass, Hidden Blades, meaning you only have a limited amount of time to ensure you earn all 50 levels of rewards available to you, and making sure you get the achievement/trophy for reaching the maximum level.

As usual, each challenge will net you a total of 150 Heartseekers, which is the equivalent of 1 and a half level-ups. With 4 challenges available, you could earn up to 6 levels just from the challenges alone. Plus, you can find Deathmarks every day in Ramsgate for an extra 50 Heartseekers per day. Between those two sources alone, you can shoot up the ranks. Anyway, here’s this week’s Hunt Pass challenges for Dauntless.


Dauntless Season 5 Week 6 Hunt Pass Challenges


Furious Bombardment – [Slay 10 Behemoths Using War Pikes or Repeaters] Blazing Fever – [Slay 10 Behemoths Using Blaze Weapons] The Classics – [Slay 10 Behemoths Using Axes or Swords]

A pretty simple set of challenges here. Basically, all you need to do is hunt 10 Behemoths with a Blaze weapon variant of either a War Pike/Repeaters or an Axe/Sword to knock out two challenges at once, then take care of the other set once your done. It’ll take you a few hours, but it’ll get done either way.

Shakedown – [Get 30 Staggers on any Behemoths]

Staggers are a bit more exacting, as they require you to use either a Hammer or, to a much lesser extent, an Axe. In order to perform a Stagger, you must wail on a Behemoths head or legs until they get dizzy. Using an axe for the previous set of challenges should get you some Staggers, but in order to finish this off, switch to a hammer and solo hunt Embermanes. Use the hammers heavy attack to interrupt the Embermane’s charge attack, then utilise the Behemoth’s vulnerability to deal head damage and earn those additional staggers.

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