Daredevil Character To Return For Netflix’s The Defenders

The official The Defenders Twitter account tweeted out new footage which suggests that a certain Daredevil character will be seen again soon.

If you aren’t all caught up on Marvel’s television universe (MTU? That sound contagious), you might want to go back from whence you came and watch all of Daredevil first. Season two is a treat, if for nothing else but Jon Bernthal’s turn as The Punisher.

Here is your official SPOILERS WARNING.

Still here? Alright. Judging from a tweet sent out by the official Twitter account for The Defenders, Elektra will be making a return for the small-screen version of The Avengers, which will focus on New York rather than galaxies. Keep it quaint, you know?

When we last saw Elektra, she was dead. There was a fairly weak plot involving her being the Black Sky, which is basically a demon child that wants to end all civi–look, The Punisher really buoyed the second season away from all of this. Basically, The Hand have her, and it looks like she will be the big bad for the upcoming season.

The Defenders will be a crossover series focusing on character from Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist. The latter has not had the warmest of receptions, but here’s hoping they can somehow make it all work as one big happy family.

Or they spend twelve episodes arguing and fighting before finally teaming up with each other in a climactic scene. Who knows.

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