Check Out The Teaser For Life is Strange 2

Life Is Strange 2

The teaser for DONTNOD’s new Life is Strange 2 is out. They’ll be revealing the official trailer on August 20, just before Gamescom this year.

Fans have been eagerly awaiting a sequel after the end of the first game, especially since it was confirmed that it would take place in a different location with different characters and different powers, they were intrigued as to see where DONTNOD was planning on taking the series. When they announced the prequel, it helped sate people’s hunger for more Arcadia Bay content, but we still knew nothing about the sequel.

The teaser doesn’t show much more yet, in fact, it just opens up a lot more questions, especially after The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, the free spin-off/teaser we got in June, as this seems a lot darker in tone from the very beginning of the teaser already, and doesn’t seem to be connected visibly.

Now, it could take place a few years after Captain Spirit and involve one of the characters from that game, but we can’t really know until DONTNOD shows or tells us what to expect in the next entry in the series.

Watch the trailer right here:

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