Buy This Metal Gear Solid Statue If You Have Nothing Else To Spend $525 On

Holy Shalashaska, these are some expensive collectibles.

I love Metal Gear Solid as much as the next guy who interrogates his friends for rations, but I may have to draw the line at the price of this statue.

First4Figures, who have built up a reputation for their quality products with painstaking eye for detail, have just recently allowed pre-orders for their Solid Snake statue, which was created in partnership with Konami. Their stuff doesn’t always hang around for long owing to outrageous demand for their limited runs and there’s definitely people who are going to stump up the cash for the below collectible.

Solid Snake statue

Solid Snake First4

Costing $525, which could incidentally also buy you every single Metal Gear game ever released, they’re premier items that are available to pre-order for a very short time only. If you want one, you’re going to have to shuffle your money around quickly – pre-orders close this Friday (Sept. 15th).

There are different variants of the statue with one coming bundled with an NVG set and the other two being stealth camo-based. I wouldn’t personally buy either of the latter two as they seem to lose a little of the detail, but then again I could never afford them so it doesn’t really matter.

Remember to act fast if you want them because they’re unlikely to come back once they’re gone. Keen or put off by the pricetag? Let me know down below.


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