Bright Memory Launching On Xbox Series X This November

This is the OG version, by the way.

Bright Memory

Developers FYQD Studio have today announced that they’ll be releasing Bright Memory on the Xbox Series X on November 10th, making it a next-gen launch title. If the news of Halo Infinite’s delay is still a bit sore for you, you at least have another first person shooter to enjoy on launch day instead. You can check out the announcement trailer for yourself at the top of the page.


Wait, Isn’t Bright Memory Already Coming To Xbox Series X?

Nah, you’re thinking of Bright Memory Infinite, a still in-production sequel that’s set to launch next year. Infinite was revealed during the May Xbox showcase event and was confirmed for an Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC release.


Alright, So What’s Bright Memory?

Bright Memory is the first game in the series that originally launched as Episode 1 on PC via Early access back in January 2019. The developers added more and more content before the game received a full release in March 2020, and now it’s coming to the Xbox Series X/S. No other consoles were confirmed, though I imagine the Xbox One will also be supported.

Here’s the game’s official synopsis:

Bright Memory is a lightning-fast fusion of the FPS and action genres, created by one-man development studio FYQD using Unreal Engine. Combine a wide variety of skills and abilities to unleash dazzling combo attacks. SRO (Supernatural Science Research Organization) agent Shelia’s adventure is about to begin.

This game depicts the maiden adventure of a woman named Shelia in the year 2020.

The 1000-year-old relic swords known as “Kanshou and Bakuya”, discovered through SRO research, have been found to comprise a unique multilayered structure, containing a mysterious substance in their cores. This substance, known as the “Soul of Jiu Xuan”, possesses the ability to reanimate the dead. In an attempt to take possession of the substance, the “SAI” – a massive terrorist organization controlling its own army – has used a cutting-edge piece of technology known as a “Quantum Transporter” to infiltrate the SRO research facility and steal top-secret and incredibly dangerous data.

To make matters worse, while attempting to calibrate coordinates on the Quantum Transporter, Shelia mistakenly activates the device, immediately transporting everyone in the vicinity to the Floating Island – an airborne continent near the North Pole, undisturbed in its slumber for over 1000 years. It is soon discovered that the various beasts and corpses of those who once populated the island have been reanimated by the “Soul of Jiu Xuan”, and they’re coming for Shelia…


Are We Excited For Bright Memory?

Kind of, yeah. Admittedly, the Bright Memory gameplay shown in the trailer doesn’t look as clean as the Infinite gameplay shown at the end, but it’s a good showcase of what the series is all about. As a game, Bright Memory looks like a fast-paced arcadey affair, complete with hi-scores to boot, and round here, we’re always down for those types of shooters.

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