Black Friday: Hidden Agenda & Other PlayLink Games 25% Off On Amazon

Hidden Agenda

Black Friday is throwing up plenty of good deals on some older games, but one that was only just recently released is already getting a hefty enough discount to make it worth your time.

Hidden Agenda, the PlayLink title for PS4 from Supermassive Games is already down to 25% off on Amazon, currently retailing at $14.99 instead of $19.99.

A police procedural party game, Hidden Agenda is probably the highest-profile PlayLink game so far. While it offers glimpses of being up to the caliber that we’ve come to expect from Supermassive, it’s ultimately just a quick distraction. Perfect for an evening of entertainment, but not much else.

Here’s an excerpt from my review:

“Minor and major quibbles aside, I still had a lot of fun with Hidden Agenda and would probably revisit it in the unlikely event that I had more than four people in my house at one time. If you’re stuck for something to do with the in-laws, try some bonding with a murder mystery, just like they did in the good old days.”

Other PlayLink titles are also available in the Black Friday promotion at the same price. The quiz game Knowledge is Power and the return of SingStar are both 25% off. That’s You! is also reduced, but considering it’s been free with PS Plus for the longest time, you’d have to be a bit loose with your money to buy it.

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