15 Best Xbox One Apps That Are Worth A Download

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You might know already that the Xbox One isn’t just for playing video games. You might even try to forget that fact as Don Mattrick spent too long talking about those capabilities during the Xbox One reveal, instead of focusing on, you know, video games. Nope, just TV talk and sports games. Lest we forget.

Anyway, in between games of Apex Legends or waiting for your friend to come online so you can play together, there’s a plethora of the best Xbox One apps that’ll destroy your free time. There’s also a number of apps that are designed to enhance the experience of some of your favourite games. Here’s a big list of the best.

Just a quick note before we get started: this list is essentially comprised of apps that are available on both sides of the Atlantic, so no Hulu or BBC iPlayer. Also, we’ve gone for apps that aren’t “necessary” like the Blu-Ray Player, and they’re in no particular order. With that said, let’s look at the list.


The Best Xbox One Apps

1. YouTube

YouTube logo

Bit of an obvious one this one, but worth mentioning anyway. YouTube is the biggest video platform in the world, and even though it’s algorithms and drama might make it an eternal dumpster fire, it’s still the best place to find a combination of relevant guides for the game you’re playing, Let’s Plays, music, trailers and more.


2. Netflix

Netflix logo

Who doesn’t have a Netflix account at this point? The streaming giant has been coming into its own over recent years with its deluge of original programming content, offering a little bit of something for everybody. Whether you’re a fan of comedies, documentaries, action or drama, Netflix has you covered. Just don’t watch their live action Death Note film.



CM Punk
Image Source: foxsports.com

Sometimes there’s just nothing better than watching two trained athletes knock seven shades out of each in an attempt to see who’s superior. Though the sport of Mixed Martial Arts might not necessarily be for everyone, UFC TV is the place to go to see it at its highest level. Well, mostly highest. They did have CM Punk on a UFC show, after all.


4. Amazon Prime Video

The cost of an Amazon Prime subscription is admittedly quite expensive, but aside from the free one-day delivery and access to Prime Music, the price is arguably worth it for the video offerings alone. Filled to the brim with films and TV shows from across the years, Amazon is even matching up with Netflix for its original offerings. Start watching The Tick if you don’t quite believe us.


5. TrueAchievements

For those who measure their self-worth by how many digits make up their overall gamerscore, the TrueAchievements app is a goldmine. The app contains solutions and guides for nearly every achievement on the Xbox One, with solutions provided by the TA community. The app allows you to find out how to nab hard to earn achievements, or keep up to date with gaming news via their news tab.

Though you should always check out Cultured Vultures for gaming news first. Wink wink.


6. Crunchyroll

The (mostly) one stop shop for all things Anime, Crunchyroll is filled to the brim with the latest and greatest straight from Japan, with support for both subbed and dubbed for the majority of their output. No matter what your tastes when it comes to anime, Crunchroll will ensure your needs are met. Yes, I know that sounded like an ad read on a podcast. Shut up.


7. Spotify

Source: TheNextWeb

Who buys CDs in this day and age? Well, I do, but you can’t rip CDs on to the Xbox One like you could with the Xbox 360. With that in mind, you’re better off signing up for Spotify, which offers millions of songs and plenty of podcasts for your auditory pleasure. As more games like Dangerous Driving begin to support Spotify (so long as you have Premium), it’s an app that’s worth downloading.


8. Rooster Teeth First

Gen Lock

From simply “that company that did Red Vs Blue” to one of the biggest online media companies in the world today, while still producing Red Vs Blue, Rooster Teeth have created a plethora of exclusive content for their First members. From animated series like RWBY and gen:LOCK to live action adventures such Achievement Haunter and The Weird Place, Rooster Teeth First offers something different to more mainstream platforms.


9. Mixer

Microsoft’s own streaming platform, Mixer has been going from strength to strength in the past year, largely part to Microsoft and Xbox’s continued support of the platform. With Mixer integration allowing for new ways to earn rewards, such as credits for watching Forza Horizon 4 streams or Mixpot rewards when watching official Xbox streams, Mixer is the go-to platform for all Xbox gamers.


10. Ubisoft Club

Formerly known as uPlay, Ubisoft Club is designed to enhance your overall experience across the Ubisoft catalogue, offering new challenges and in-game rewards that are exclusive to the app. For Rainbow Six Siege players, the Ubisoft Club app is indispensable, as it offers weekly challenges for in-game Renown, which is handy for when you’re grinding for that new operator or skin.


11. WWE Network

Source: WWE

With WrestleMania 35 in the bag, what better time to indulge your inner child and download the WWE Network? For a monthly cost of 9.99, you can enjoy wrestling PPVs from back in the 80s all the way to Becky Lynch’s historic main event win. Better still, the Network also comes with plenty of original programming, like the informative documentary series The Monday Night Wars or the entertaining Table For 3.


12. Skype

For those who don’t trust Xbox Live Party chat, or if you want to host call for up to 25 people, Skype is the way to go. You can even utilise the neglected Kinect camera to set up video calls if you so wish, though you’d probably be one of a handful of people on the Xbox still using the Kinect peripheral.


13. Upload Studio

Roll up all those budding content creators who can’t quite afford the price of an Elgato and some decent video editing software, Xbox’s Upload Studio is a great first step to editing and uploading some of your content. The Upload Studio app allows you to edit together multiple game clips, add stylish transitions and voice-over to your clip before exporting it to OneDrive.


14. Twitch


The biggest streaming platform going, Twitch is the go-to place to watch content creators play their favourite videogames. While Mixer has established itself as a competent and growing platform with a variety of streamers, Twitch is still the place to go. If a company or creator is streaming, or there’s a game to be announced, chances are you’ll find it on Twitch.


15. Forza Hub

Forza Horizon 4

Similar to the Ubisoft Club, the Forza Hub is the place to be for all things Forza, whether you prefer Forza Motorsport or Forza Horizon. The Forza Hub app offers all the latest news for the Forza games, which is great considering the changing Seasons of FH4 introduces new events, but also grants weekly Credit rewards for veteran players.

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