5 Best WrestleMania 35 Moments

What was your favourite moment from WrestleMania 35?


WrestleMania 35 has been and gone, and we have a year to bask in the grandeur and ponder on how incredible some of the individual moments were in Metlife Stadium. Taking away your opinions on just how much of a slog this years event was, overall, it was actually pretty good. Sensible booking mixed with fresh faces and incredible wrestling. It feels like a great start to the year.

WWE love using the buzzwords ‘WrestleMania moment’. It certifies when wrestling is done well and gives the fans and superstars alike something to revel in. This year’s instalment saw some spectacular moments, so let’s count down the five best, the ones we’re going to be harping on about for the rest of the year.

5. You Suck

Kurt Angle’s farewell match was probably his best in-ring performance since making his return in 2017. Baron Corbin walked away with the W, and so remains the tradition of the veterans going out on their backs.

There’s nothing to be upset about here, Angle hit some fantastic spots and looked incredible doing so. His post-match send-off was something to lose yourself in, Kurt is a legend in this industry and deserved a big farewell deal on the grandest stage. One last rendition of ‘you suck’ played him out of Metlife as JBL cried.


4. 2003

John Cena just has to be at WrestleMania, he is the WWE whether you like him or not. Although when rumours were circulating that Cena might either be involved in the aforementioned farewell match or another quirky segment, I don’t think anyone expected to see some vintage Ruthless Aggression era Cena, donning the jersey and chains for a roasting session.

Elias’ musical performance was special, its almost a shame that Elias is reduced to what is essentially a comedy segment, but if there’s any one man who can expertly control an 80,000 strong crowd with music, it’s him. Some were waiting on The Undertaker, others on The Honky Tonk Man, very few on the 2003 sensation The Doctor of Thuganomics.

It was great to see Cena have a bit of fun, reminding everyone that he has what it takes to not take himself too seriously and relish in what put him in everyone’s hearts.

Please come back.


3. Entrances fit for megastars

The main event of WrestleMania was just that: a main event. It had the grandeur and magnitude to make a wrestling match seem like the biggest box office deal on the planet. Becky, Charlotte and Ronda were all given equal justice in their ring entrances, and it looked amazing.

Charlotte arrived first via helicopter, which landed outside the stadium moments before the opening bell. Rousey was played out by the legend that is Joan Jett in a once in a lifetime return performance and finally Becky was welcomed by hundreds of thousands of supportive fans.

It really made for some incredible scenes, everything was on point for this match, the aesthetics, the commentary, everything to make it seem like the biggest main event of all time.

Also, the Mad Max version of Triple H was ridiculously awesome.


2. Shane and Miz steal the show

Speaking of awesome, how good was The Miz? I don’t think anyone expected him and Shane to put on as great of a match as they did, which seems to be somewhat of a trend for Shane’s participation at Mania.

The Falls Count Anywhere stipulation really lent itself to this match, allowing for the two somewhat mis-matched superstars to go all out and put on a throwback to the Attitude Era style, taking the action into the crowd and up to some insane heights.

Everyone is going to remember holding their breath while Miz and Shane bumbled around on top of the lighting rig. The suplex spot was absolutely insane and credit to both men for putting that together. We’ll be cringing about that for a while.

Big up Miz’s dad as well. Future HOF inductee right there.


1. KofiMania is running wild

Lastly we come to the biggest title victory of the night: after 11 years, Kofi Kingston captured the WWE Championship in front of his friends, family and fans.

If anyone wasn’t on board with the KofiMania hype train, they sure were by the end of his match with Bryan. The adoration was infectious and seeing him lift up the fresh WWE title was nothing short of glorious.

Everyone should experience this, the emotion and the spectacle made for a memorable WrestleMania moment that I think will come to define modern wrestling for quite some time.

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