13 Best The Last of Us Merchandise Ideas

There's a lot of amazing The Last of Us merchandise out there, so we scoured the web to find you the very best.


Considering how grim and macabre it is, it’s almost surprising how many people have fallen head over heels in love with The Last of Us. It’s the The Walking Dead effect: no matter how dark things get, show the slightest glimmers of hope and people will keep coming back for more to finally see when everything turns out okay.

Released back in 2013 to widespread critical acclaim, Naughty Dog’s post-apocalyptic adventure won many awards and plaudits, so it was inevitable that we would eventually get a sequel – even if some might argue that it wasn’t entirely necessary. For my money, there are still a lot of tales for Joel and Ellie to be a part of.

While we patiently wait for any sign of a release date for the follow-up, let’s take a look at some of the best The Last of Us merchandise there is around. I tried my best, but I sadly couldn’t find any clicker masks to buy online. You’re just going to have to make one to scare the ever loving heck out of your loved ones instead.


1. The Last of Us: American Dreams

The Last of Us American Dreams

Set before the events of the Left Behind DLC, American Dreams is a graphic novel starring a younger Ellie as she struggles to survive in a post-pandemic world (I mean, it’s not as if she ever doesn’t struggle). American Dreams plants the seeds for her friendship with Riley and gives some great exposition on the pair and Ellie’s past. Just don’t do what I did and buy the French version by accident, okay?

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2. The Art of The Last of Us

The Art of The Last of Us

The Last of Us is a beautifully ugly game, helped by pushing the PS3 to its limits and an aesthetic that goes from harrowing to stunning the next – who can forget that giraffe scene? If you want nothing more than to stare at a lot of very pretty pictures, The Art of The Last of Us delves deeper into the origins of its characters and throws up some rather neat and twisted infected designs while it’s at it.

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3. The Last of Us Fireflies Hoodie

The Last of Us jumper

If you want to join a resistance group that may or may not do a very good job of it, show your allegiance to the Fireflies with this hoodie. You run the risk of being shot in anger by an emotionally stunted middle-aged dude, though. This hoodie is also part of our comprehensive list for the best geeky and nerdy gifts for Christmas 2017, so go check it out.

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4. Joel and Ellie’s clicker paranoia

Clickers t-shirt

This t-shirt design made me splutter out my drink. Maybe it’s Joel’s look of fea–no, it’s definitely Ellie’s wild face popping out of a bag. This comes in a range of different colours, but to stick to the theme, it has to be either burgundy or black.

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5. The Last of Us Joel and Ellie print

The Last of Us art prints

The Last of Us is seriously ripe for some artistic interpretation, and this canvas art is no different. A serene moment between the mayhem. And bricks.

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6. The Last of Us Soundtrack

The Last of Us Soundtrack

One of the feels-iest video game soundtracks of all-time is yours to own. The CD version is your standard soundtrack of all of Gustavo Santaolalla’s lovely guitarwork that is yours for free with an Amazon Music Unlimited subscription. The vinyl, however, is a 4XLP beauty featuring every single audio cue across TLOU and Left Behind. It’ll cost you a penny or two, though.

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7. Moody The Last of Us mug

The Last of Us Mug

Because nothing says, “don’t touch me before noon” quite like a pair of concerned looking characters wrapped around your coffee mug, right? Make sure you wash this often – you don’t want to find fungus growing at the bottom of it.

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8. The Last of Us Ellie T-Shirt

The Last of Us Ellie shirt

Ellie isn’t what you would call a stylish person, but who is when there are flesh eaters roaming around and the biggest delicacy is beans? This is a replica of her t-shirt from The Last of Us with 99% less bloodstains, which is always nice.

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9. The Last of Us poster collection

The Last of Us Poster collection

Despite being a fairly linear game, The Last of Us has a lot of little secrets and quirks that make it feel like a far more expansive world. This poster collection not only offers posters for the game itself, but also for the fictional films depicted in it, such as the unforgettable Dawn of the Wolf and its peerless sequel. Essentially for anyone with any taste whatsoever.

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10. The Last of Us minimalist art print

TLOU art print

I don’t have anything to add to this, except for give it to me immediately. This is the work of CiaranMonaghanArt, who does a lot of great minimalist art prints, so make sure you check out his whole range if you get a chance.

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11. The Last of Us metal poster

The Last of Us metal poster

We like us a good bit of Displate here at Cultured Vultures, and this metal poster is one of their classiest. Minimalist while also full of design quirks, this adorning your wall could be the perfect way to show your love for The Last of Us.

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12. The Last of Us remastered PS4 bundle

The Last of US remastered ps4 bundle

If, for some reason, you haven’t yet made the jump to PS4 and also happen to love The Last of Us, this bundle could be the one for you. It’s the standard PS4 as the bundle is a little old, but unless you have a 4K TV and all the trimmings, you don’t necessarily need to make the jump to a Pro. We’ve also got you covered if you want more PS4 bundle deals.

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13. The Last Of Us Backpack

The Last of Us backpack

Ideal if you need somewhere to store your bricks, this backpack is more or less custom-made for cosplayers. Coming in at 15″ x 13.5″ x 7″, it’s got a lot of depth to it, so you could probably fit all of your theories in there about the sequel, too.

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