10 Best Mortal Kombat 11 Fatalities (So Far)

These violent delights have violent listicle ideas.

Mortal Kombat 11

Despite the fact we published an article that questioned whether you could actually play Mortal Kombat 11 without the gore, fatalities are one of the franchise’s more unique selling points. Sure, you could probably enjoy the game without them, and you might have to if you’re uploading videos to YouTube, but be honest: there’s a sadistic part of you that loves seeing fighters get mangled and dismembered in disgusting yet creative ways.

Though the series went through somewhat of a dark period with regards to its fatalities (Armageddon even forced you to make your own, which was awful, and let’s not talk about MK vs DC Universe), every game since the 2011 reboot has featured disgusting, bloody and inventive ways to decimate and humiliate your opponent.

Mortal Kombat 11 looks set to be no exception, with the new GoreTech engine taking the already ridiculous amount of violence to unprecedented levels. With a plethora of fatalities already revealed, we’re highlighting 10 of our favourites, with an updated article pending once we’ve seen every fatality the game has to offer. Let’s get our hands bloody.


10. Mind Blowing – Geras

A simplistic fatality in its premise, as Geras just punches his opponent a couple of times before knocking their brain out of the front of their skull, this fatality was one of the first shown for the game, and it’s easy to see why. Modern technology allows NetherRealm to display more detail with their depictions of murder, and it shows here. Plus, it’s hard not to squirm watching someone get their thinkerbox get blasted out of their skull.


9. Trick Shot – Kung Lao

One of the more stylish fatalities shown, Kung Lao chops off his opponent’s head before booting them backwards. He then teleports behind them like its nothing personal, kiddo, and slices them vertically. For the pièce de résistance, Kung Lao throws his hat at the falling decapitating head, slicing that in two between the two halves of the opponent’s body. It’s skillful and stylish, while heavily hat based; perfectly in-keeping with Kung Lao’s character.


8. A Problem Halved – Jacqui Briggs

Starting out strong with a head crushing slam dunk, Jacqui Briggs follows that up with a wrist rocket salvo to the stomach. While that would probably be enough to finish the job, it wouldn’t be a Mortal Kombat fatality without a little bit overkill, and Jacqui provides that in spades. After performing the “cool girls don’t look at explosions” move, Jacqui tosses a transparent deployable shield into what’s left of her opponent’s body. Seeing half the human torso spread across a sci-fi shield is certainly gross, and definitely Mortal Kombat.


7. LARIATO! – Jax Briggs

Borrowing a tool from the arsenal of Goldeneye, Jax Briggs pulls out an explosive mine and attaches it to his opponent’s back. He then boots his foe straight in the chest and braces for the carnage that’s about to unfold. The mine explodes, propelling the poor unfortunate soul towards Jax, who’s been winding up a truly gut busting lariat. One impact later, and there’s a clothesline that any wrestler would be proud of.


6. Heart Shaped Hole In Your Chest – Cassie Cage

MK X newcomer Cassie Cage made her mark with fatalities that showcased her personality, like the famous selfie fatality complete with a Mortal Kombat inspired social media feed, but her fatalities also shine in the newest instalment. After taking a move from her father and Shadow Kicking some poor fool’s heart out, Cassie reaches into the hole and forms her own heart with her hands while blowing a kiss to the camera.


5. Friction Burns – Kabal

Kabal is known for being one hell of a speedy boi, and here he puts that ability to great use. Using one of his signature (see: nice way of saying weird) hook blades, Kabal grabs his foe by the ankle and runs off, grinding his opponent’s face into the ground. Not done there, and possibly just to show off, he throws his enemy, runs to where they’ll land and uses his blade to cut them in two like a hot knife through butter. It’s classic Mortal Kombat ridiculous, and it makes it worth playing Kabal for that alone.


4. Chain Split – Scorpion

It wouldn’t be a list of Mortal Kombat’s best fatalities if we didn’t give a nod to the franchise’s poster boy, as Scorpion usually has some of the best kills in the series. Here is no different, as he uses his red hot chain to rip his opponent in half. It’s a creative fatality, but the truly excellent part of this sequence is the final shot, as Scorpion lingers in the air between the two mutilated halves of his opponent. Truly a beautiful fatality.


3. Careless Package – Sonya Blade


Sonya Blade is a fully fledged Earthrealm commander now, which clearly means she gets to utilise absolute force in her fatalities. While the helicopter assisted butchering is good, her second fatality is absolutely sadistic. After a brutal arm break and elbow to the face, Sonya calls down a care package on her prone opponent, causing their lower half to basically explode. But she’s not finished. The care package contained a mini-turret that decisively finishes the job. As mentioned before, its MK’s trademark overkill in effect once again, and we love it.


2. Just Gross – D’Vorah

This one is just utterly disgusting, and it was almost the number 1 pick for best Mortal Kombat 11 fatality, but its certainly the grossest one so far. Mortal Kombat’s bug lady D’Vorah is a sick individual, delighting in the torment of her foes. With this fatality, she vomits her larvae into her enemy’s mouth, causing her new monstrosity to sprout legs and a head out of the corpse of a once proud fighter. That is now their legacy: playing host to a creepy bug baby.


1. “Deadly” Uppercut – Johnny Cage

The pinnacle of Mortal Kombat 11’s fatalities (that we’ve seen so far), Johnny Cage’s Deadly Uppercut has everything: a throwback reference to one of Cage’s oldest fatalities, attitude, character, humour and a bit of the old ultra violence for good measure. After failing to nail a decapitating uppercut, a film crew steps into frame to yell cut. When the film star finally does get the job done, he throws the now useless head into the camera while flipping it off, making for a brilliant final screen. Honestly, it could be the best fatality ever, which is saying a lot.

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