15 Best Modern WWE Entrance Themes

There are many great WWE entrance themes around right now, so we decided to count down some of the very best.


The first impression made for any WWE superstar is through their entrance theme.‭ ‬No matter how successful a wrestler is booked to be,‭ ‬they can be instantly recognised through one heck of a tune.‭ ‬CFO$‭ ‬and Jim Johnston have really outdone themselves over the years,‭ ‬with seemingly every great theme being trumped at the next debut.‭ ‬So here’s a list which started as a top‭ ‬10,‭ ‬but soon evolved into a top‭ ‬15‭ ‬list of WWE’s best entrance themes.‭

Please note that I’ve included these based on how they represent the character or gimmick.‭ ‬No specific order,‭ ‬we’re all about equality here‭.


15.‭ ‬Braun Strowman‭


Starting off the list is‭ “‬The Monster Among Men‭” ‬Braun Strowman,‭ ‬who has left a pretty striking impression on everyone since murdering James Ellsworth and tipping over an ambulance.‭

When he first split from The Wyatt Family in the‭ ‬2016‭ ‬Brand Extension,‭ ‬he was repackaged with a new hair-do and a new monstrous theme.‭ ‬Strowman soon rose through the ranks of Raw and whenever this theme plays,‭ ‬you know someone’s about to get fucked up.‭


14.‭ ‬The Usos‭

The current Smackdown Live Tag champions were in desperate need of a revamp following their acquisition on the blue brand.‭ ‬A heel turn was soon in the works to capitalise on the growing negative sentiment given to anyone affiliated with Roman Reigns,‭ ‬and along with that came this new theme.

The Usos suddenly adopted a street thug attitude,‭ ‬dressing in outfits taken straight from GTA San Andreas.‭ ‬The new theme perfectly complimented them and has really grown on me over the past few months.‭ ‬In terms of which themes suit their characters,‭ ‬they pretty much nailed it with The Usos.‭


13.‭ ‬Aleister Black

The recently debuted Aleister Black echoes the likes of Gangrel and The Ministry of Darkness in terms of aesthetic and entrance.‭ ‬The satanic superstar quite literally ascended from hell at NXT TakeOver:‭ ‬Orlando,‭ ‬surrounded by dry-ice and accompanied by a thrashing metal theme.‭

Black,‭ ‬naturally being a fan of black metal,‭ ‬helped produce this track to truly capture this new,‭ ‬almost supernatural entity on the developmental brand.‭


12.‭ ‬Rusev‭

When I first heard Rusev’s theme,‭ ‬it took me back to entering final boss stages and meeting this absolute bastard of a main villain.‭ ‬For a gimmick that’s somewhat of a throwback to the typical Eastern European villain from any action film of the‭ ‬80s and‭ ‬90s,‭ ‬this tune helps transform Rusev into the Anti-American brute that terrorised the mid card for best part of a year.

It’s been awhile since Ru-Ru has had his obnoxiously Bulgarian theme blasted on television.‭ ‬Hopefully upon his return to Smackdown Live,‭ ‬we’ll see a return to his prominence.‭


11.‭ ‬Asuka‭

It might seem thematic for any superstar hailing from the Far East to be given an overly-Japanese tune to put across the fact that THEY ARE JAPANESE,‭ ‬DIDN’T YA KNOW‭? ‬Asuka seemed to be the first to really break that mold.‭

Yes,‭ ‬I know there’s some stuff in there which is a little “Oriental”,‭ ‬but unlike Tajiri or Team TENKO,‭ ‬it actually fits the overall song as well as her character.‭

To me,‭ ‬this theme embodies the changing in attitude towards women’s wrestling in the modern era,‭ ‬giving a female superstar more than a pop-punky tune to skip out and high-five fans to and making them look like a revered champion.‭



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