Ranking The Best Fortnite Tier 100 Skins

What's your favourite big boy Fortnite skin?

Fortnite Tier 100 skins

Well you could argue that they aren’t nearly as cool or intimidating as they once were, there’s something to be said for the effect coming across a tier 100 skin has on you as a player in Fortnite. These guys clearly take Fortnite very seriously if they have maxed out their Battle Pass — or are crazy enough to just buy the whole thing outright.

But not all Fortnite tier 100 skins are created equal. From Season 2 to 9 (there was no Battle Pass in Season 1), we’ve had a broad variety of skins ranging from very obvious movie nods to viking warriors. Season 8 saw the introduction of the very first female tier 100 skin, but every other skin to date is male. With serious players preferring female skins because they are generally skinnier and harder to hit, don’t be surprised to see a few more female skins in subsequent Fortnite seasons.

So with plenty to pick from, what are the best Fortnite tier 100 skins? Which will give your enemies the heebie-jeebies, and which will make them look at you like you’re some kind of small dog with an overactive bladder? Here’s our ranking, which we will be adding to over time as seasons go by.


8. The Ice King – Season 7

Fortnite Ice Kign

Perhaps it’s because it brings back too many bad memories of the generally bad Season 7, but The Ice King is a tier 100 Fortnite skin that you will rarely see people use nowadays. It kind of makes sense; we’ve been a little too overexposed to it with it being the main feature of the worst Fortnite event to date, and just generally not having great unlockable styles. Not a bad skin by any means, just nobody’s first pick.


7. Vendetta – Season 9

Fortnite Vendetta

It seems like Epic mixed up the tier 1 and 100 skins for Season 9; Vendetta has entry-level Battle Pass skin written all over him. A relatively neat skin, Vendetta’s weak “final form” make his a tier 100 to forget when compared to the others. Plus, conceptually Vendetta’s just very similar to Drift, minus the absolutely massive cloak. At this time of writing, we don’t know how Vendetta fits into Fortnite canon, either.


6. Dire – Season 6

Dire Fortnite skin

A werewolf skin should top this list just by virtue of being, well, a werewolf. However, in reality, Dire is just too damn chunky in his ultimate variation to be a good skin for serious play. Perhaps his other styles are better suited to the game than the fully unlocked form, but Dire also just reminds us of how terrible Fortnitemares was in 2018. That was a dark time for Fortnite.


5. Luxe – Season 8

Fortnite Luxe

The very first female tier 100 skin in Fortnite definitely could have been better, but Luxe is still a decent enough skin. In the grand scheme of things when compared to how crazy and inventive Fortnite skins usually are, Luxe can’t help but feel a little basic by comparison, especially as her unlockable styles are simple palette swaps. You could also argue that she and Blackheart should have been swapped around in terms of tiers.


4. Ragnarok – Season 5

Fortnite Ragnarok

Ragnarok has possibly the coolest style evolution of all the Fortnite tier 100 skins, even if his most “evolved” stages are less than functional. This viking’s giant mask makes him a big ol’ target, so you may want to opt for the one just before the mask. You can even remove his shoulder accessory after an update; it was previously just in the way during ADS. Shame you can’t take his mask off an also have a truly huge beard, though.


3. Omega – Season 4

Omega Fortnite

You actually get two skins with the Omega skin: the souped-up Power Rangers variant, and the base skin for sweaty tryhards. You know who you are. If our memory serves us correctly, Omega was the first ever Fortnite skin with unlockable styles, so there’s enough reason to love them right there. While canonically Omega was just part of a movie, the whole superfight he shared with Carbide was pretty exciting while it was fresh.


2. Black Knight – Season 2

Black Knight

Technically, this isn’t a tier 100 skin as the Battle Pass for Fortnite Season 2 capped off at tier 70, but we will let it slide if you do. The Black Knight is the rarest Battle Pass skin in Fortnite, releasing at a time before the skin culture really took off. For signifying the start of Epic’s streak of releasing not lazy and bland skins (see: Recon Expert, the worst skin in the game but also the rarest), Black Knight deserves a lot of love. Plus, he’s generally just a cool design; they should really try the medieval theme again and go full hog this time.


1. The Reaper – Season 3

Fortnite John Wick reaper

Could it really be anything else? The sweaty skin before there even were Fortnite sweats, anyone wearing the unofficial John Wick skin was someone to be very wary of between seasons 3 and 4. While it could be argued that it’s as basic as Luxe, the little touches really make this a crisp and daunting skin. It’s so good, in fact, that he went toe-to-toe with the real John Wick during an LTM. The next time you see a Reaper out in the wild, build a five-story tall tower in their honour immediately.

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