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Make Mongraal your mongrel.

Many players struggle to bring out their A-game in their Fortnite matches. Have you ever felt like you would’ve won that 1v1 if only you had that little extra bit of niche mechanical prowess?

To remedy this, many pro players have created their own courses to help with grasping mechanics. Today, we’ll be talking about editing, which is one of the most under-utilized aspects of the game in casual play and goes hand-in-hand with building.

Note that these courses will be very intensive, and will require a lot of effort on your part. If you intend to play casually, these are probably more trouble than they’re worth. On the other hand, if you’re someone that thrives on competitive gameplay, you’ll find that there’s an abundance of quality courses that ask for no more than your time and effort.


OfficialCanDook’s 9 In 1 Course

CODE: 7440-4394-8340

This is an almost all-encompassing course designed to get you from beginner to professional level. If you’ve recently started playing, or simply weren’t focusing very much on improvement before, this is an excellent starting point.

The course is split up into 9 different sections:

– Beginner
– Very Easy
– Easy
– Amateur
– Normal
– Advanced
– Hard
– Impossible
– Godlike

Each of these courses has a set of timers that award you a “medal” for completing a course in a set amount of time.

The courses are well put-together, and they truly flow into each other. Each course builds on the content you’ve learned in the one before it. The beginner ones mainly focus on simple edits, with the biggest challenge being speed.

The beginner sections are mostly geared towards teaching you how to perform edits quickly, and what tiles to use in which places. It isn’t particularly mechanically challenging when it comes to walking or jumping, and it gives you ample time to prepare for the next step.

I’d advise working on each course until you can get at least 1 medal on it, and only then moving onto the next one. Furthermore, it’s a good idea to revisit past courses to check how much your speed has improved.

The normal courses are a bit more challenging and do require some thought. You’ll find that while they aren’t much more fast-paced than the beginner courses, choosing tiles is a bit less simple this time.

The advanced course is well-balanced toward making you take everything you’ve learned and combining it and using it in smarter ways. This course is quite fast-paced and will require you to be very familiar with the ones that come before it in order to complete it.

The hard course is longer and is the pinnacle of what someone would be able to pull off quickly on their first try. It leaves barely any room for error, however, it does give you enough time to consider what to do, at least if you’ve honed your skill to an instinctive level. Muscle memory starts to become very important around this mark.

The impossible and godlike courses are extremely difficult. Even high-caliber pros would have a hard time completing them with a good performance on their first try. They’re incredibly quick, and require a great deal of instinct. Once you start getting through these quickly, you’ll know that you’ve pretty much mastered the art of building.

A great thing about this course is that if you ever get stuck, or don’t know what to do, you can watch the creator’s 15-minute video where he runs through every section of the course.


OfficialCanDook’s Advanced Practice Course

CODE: 5618-2963-5299

This course is quite difficult, however, its payoff is immense. The course starts off with sections where you have to maneuver your way through a wooden maze. There’s a lot of places where you have to think on the fly about the best way to go through the obstacle.

It has many angular sections, as well as those where you simply have to take off the structure’s top part and jump over the rest. An important thing about this course is that it not only teaches you how to edit quickly and efficiently but also how to move properly.

The next section makes you create platforms through which you’ll climb to higher areas. Sometimes you’ll need to create an angled platform, while other times a flat one is all you need. This will hone your building instincts, and force you to create while moving, rather than freezing in place when you perform your edits.

The next section forces you to go over pyramid roof tiles in order to climb to a higher area. Something I really enjoy about this course is how it forces you to use all the available tiles in creative ways.

There are also sections that are freeform, and test out your ability to create vertical structures while maintaining walls around yourself.

After you fall through a few sections, you come to a part that tests out your aim. This Fortnite edit course is definitely excellent if you have trouble thinking on the fly and making edits quickly.


ImSpeedyGonzales’ Course

CODE: 5842-2051-9053

This edit course is probably not for you if you’re a beginner. It was created in order for ImSpeedyGonzales to practice before his scrims. It’s designed to quickly and efficiently get through most of the higher-level practice a pro needs.

If you’re looking for a short course you can run through over and over again until you perfect it, this might be the one for you. While OfficialCanDook’s course has some prolonged sections to get you into the groove, this one goes all out on speed. There are no long sections, and each section is mechanically challenging in its own way.

The first is his cone floor double edit practice. Here, you simply have to edit through the obstacles to continue on. This quickly changes into ramp floor double edits, and goes into alternating cone jumps.

The course also covers Bizzle tunnels(left, right, and diagonal,) edits from awkward positions, pyramid resets, and a variety of other fairly difficult edits.

If you’re looking for a course that will test you to your limits from the get-go, then this is the one for you.


Cook’s Warm-Up Edit Course

CODE: 6055-7683-6855

This course is extremely practice-heavy. It’s great for practicing repetitive editing, as it’ll force you to go through the same edits until they’re ingrained in your muscle memory.

There are countless walls set up and ready for you to get your muscle memory going. Now, this one is a bit harder to do without a visual aid, so we suggest looking at the video first, as it’ll show you how the sections blend and mesh together.

This course is good for intermediate and advanced players alike. This is because, instead of testing your mechanics, it tests your speed and muscle memory. It’s great for editing down and all other repetitive patterns. This one is the least likely to teach you new mechanics you don’t already know how to do, but it’ll help you make them faster.

Cook himself often runs through this course once or twice whenever he gets on. This is because it’s a great warmup course, especially due to its speed.

Fortnite is free-to-play on PC via the Epic Games Store, PS5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Android.

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