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Call of Duty: Warzone can be absolutely hectic. With so many great guns, loadouts and players, it can be hard to find your footing in the battleground. A great loadout can help you climb the metaphorical and literal ranks of the game, and knowing which Warzone guns are the best is a hell of an advantage. The finest Warzone guns are of course the ones with the greatest stats, but if the gun doesn’t feel right then don’t use it.

Warzone has been steadily evolving over time as more guns are added to the game and older ones are tweaked. I took a look at all of the guns in Warzone with my squad right now that are considered meta, compared their stats, asked players their opinions and tried out the guns. I made this list which takes in all that information and picks the best (and also my favourite) guns to use right now in Verdansk.

Quick disclaimer: the best Warzone guns on this list will not necessarily work for you, they are just great weapons overall.

WARZONE CLASSES: Assault Rifles | Submachine Guns | Shotguns | Light Machine Guns | Marksman Rifles | Sniper Rifles

Best Warzone Assault Rifles

GRAU 5.56

GRAU Warzone

The Grau 5.56 is an absolute beast of a rifle, and statistically the current best AR in the game. It also has the fastest ADS speed out of all the rifles, as well as great damage output and range. The Grau is just one of those rifles that can clutch any situation, allowing you to pair it with any secondary you want and have fun with the loadout.

Our recommended loadout on the GRAU 5.56 includes a Monolithic Suppressor, Tempus 26.4” Archangel barrel, Ranger Foregrip, VLK 3.0x Optic and FTAC R-89 Rubber. If paired with a sniper, however, I would switch out the 3.0x sight for something 1.0x, and also change the foregrip for something with more control.



M4A1 Warzone
M4A1 Warzone

The M4A1 is a reliable fully automatic assault rifle that is easy to unlock. This gun has an absurd amount of attachments, allowing you to mix and match and find the perfect loadout for you. It’s good in any kind of situation: long, medium and short range, especially if you use a hybrid sight.

Our recommended loadout on the M4A1 includes a Monolithic Suppressor, Stock M16 Grenadier, Tac Laser, VLK 3.0 Optic and Ranger Foregrip. Paired with an SMG, you’ll be prepared for any kind of encounter and dominate short and medium range.



FAL Warzone
FAL Warzone

The FAL is a semi-automatic assault rifle that specializes in easy headshot kills. While it may not be the most popular gun, it can still easily compete with other ARs due to its high damage output. The rifle has very low damage dropoff at range, meaning that it will really outshine a rifle like the Kilo at medium to long range. Oh and did I mention that this thing does 100 damage to the head at less than 20 meters away?

Our recommended loadout for the FAL includes a Monolithic Suppressor, XRK Marksman, VLK 3.0x Optic, 30 Round Mag and a Merc Foregrip.

Best Warzone Submachine Guns


MP5 Warzone guns
MP5 Warzone

The MP5 has one of the fastest time-to-kill stats in the game, and absolutely dominates if kitted out for close range, though it can also put up a good fight at medium range, unless you’re trying to outgun a GRAU 5.56 or an M4A1.

Our recommended loadout for the MP5 as a primary short to medium range weapon includes a Monolithic Suppressor, Ranger Foregrip, Tac Laser, Classic Straight-line Stock and 10mm Auto 30-round Magazine. Be wary though that this loadout is not optimal for point-blank range, and can be tweaked depending on playstyle. We also use Monolithic Suppressors on most of our guns because it improves them tremendously, plus it sounds cool.



MP7 Warzone
MP7 Warzone

The MP7 is an SMG that is becoming more and more popular in Warzone right now. It sacrifices some DPS for more range and accuracy, but with its high rate of fire it can easily keep up with other SMGs like the MP5 and FENNEC. The MP7 also has one of the smoothest recoils in the game. If kitted right, a simple slight pull down will keep your sights right on target and melt them incredibly fast.

Our recommended loadout on the MP7 includes a Monolithic Suppressor, FSS Recon barrel, Tac Laser, FORGE TAC Stalker stock and a Ranger Foregrip.


PP19 Bizon

Bizon Warzone
Bizon Warzone

The PP19 Bizon is not the most sought-after and efficient SMG out there, but it can keep up by offering great accuracy. It’s unlocked early on, and has good iron sights to carry you through while you have no attachments available. The Russian SMG also differs from other guns of the same class due to the small damage dropoff it has over range and the huge magazine size. The Bizon is the LMG of SMG’s and is very easy to use.

The PP19 Bizon is a very common piece of loot in Warzone, and is a reliable early game pickup over an Uzi. If you would like to try to use this gun over the more popular MP5 or MP7, our recommended loadout includes a Tac Laser, 8.7” Steel barrel, Monolithic Suppressor, Stippled Grip Tape and FSS Close Quarters stock.

Best Warzone Shotguns


R9-0 Warzone
R9-0 Warzone

The R9-0 is a crazy shotgun that is devastating in close quarters, with the power to take out a whole team in one magazine if they get close enough. So many people are using this gun right now that it is slightly infuriating; one person with this gun can ruin your squad. You never even have to ADS, and you can set people on fire and drop them in one or two shots.

Our recommended loadout for the R9-0 includes the Choke muzzle, FORGE TAC Sentry barrel, 5mW laser, Merc Foregrip and of course Dragon’s Breath Rounds.

Best Warzone Light Machine Guns


MG34 Warzone
MG34 Warzone

The MG34 has great damage and good range and is widely considered the best LMG in Warzone. Equipped with the right attachments, this nasty LMG can be super easy to control. Pair that with its large ammo capacity, and the MG34 becomes a force to be reckoned with that can easily take down a whole squad.

Our recommended loadout includes the Tac Laser, Stippled Grip Tape, Brute barrel, Compensator and 75 Round mags.



FiNN Warzone
FiNN Warzone

The FiNN LMG is an absolute laser as it can kill people off extremely quickly while maintaining very low recoil. Most LMGs get overlooked simply because of how slow they are, but what the FiNN lacks in speed it makes up for in damage and rate of fire. This gun also does the same damage whether you hit the head or centre mass, so just spray and pray, baby.

Our recommended loadout on the FiNN LMG includes a Monolithic Suppressor, XRK LongShot Adverse, 5.56 NATO 100-Round belts, XRK ChainSAW and a Tac Laser. Note that the Factory Adverse barrel is also really good because it can up the fire rate substantially.

Best Warzone Marksman Rifles

SPR 208

SPR Warzone
SPR Warzone

The SPR 208 is a marksman rifle that is very popular right now in Warzone, and for good reason. This gun has great damage and accuracy, and just overall handles and feels better. The major downside is that its base range is only 22 meters, meaning that a headshot from further than that will not one shot someone who is fully armored.

Luckily, the range can be improved with attachments like the Monolithic Suppressor and a long barrel attachment. These attachments will make the weapon a little bit bulkier, but for a long range weapon it’s not really a problem.



Kar98k Warzone
Kar98k Warzone

If I’m being completely honest, the Kar98k is a discount version of the SPR 208. It has just a little bit less damage, range and accuracy than the other marksman rifle, but is faster and easier to handle. If you are someone who wants to use the marksman rifle in close or medium range fights, this might be the rifle for you.

Close range, I would recommend putting attachments that reduce ADS speed, like Stippled Grip Tape. While long range, you want to increase your range and accuracy as much as possible.

Best Warzone Sniper Rifles


HDR Warzone
HDR Warzone

This one was a real tossup between the HDR and the AX-50, simply because they are both great rifles but offer different advantages and disadvantages.

The HDR is the slowest and heaviest sniper rifle in the game, and with that comes the strongest shot. It has almost the same damage profile as the AX-50, but when equipped with a 26.9” HDR Pro barrel it has almost no bullet drop. That being said, when fully equipped with a hard-hitting kit, the HDR is going to be so slow and bulky. If that isn’t for you, the AX-50 is also a good choice. This sniper rifle will have more bullet drop which will increase shot difficulty, but it will be more forgiving by allowing for faster handling.

Our recommended loadout for the HDR is a Monolithic Suppressor (as usual), the 26.9” HDR Pro barrel I mentioned earlier, Tac Laser, FTAC Stalker-Scout stock and the Focus perk.

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