Looks Like Batman Is Coming To Fortnite (UPDATED)

Why not, eh?

Batman The Enemy Within

Fortnite has become a bit of a strange marketing tool over the last few seasons. John Wick, It, and even Wreck-It Ralph have been a part of the battle royale in some way or another, but this next collaboration looks like it might be the biggest one yet. The Caped Crusader is coming to Fortnite, according to leaks.

Assets found in the files for a new Fortnite patch have revealed the big surprise, which looks like it will be a new Rift Zone on the Fortnite island. Players will be able to use Batarangs and grapnel guns to get around.

Fortnite grapnel gun

There will also be some cosmetics as part of the crossover, though mercifully not Batman himself. I don’t think Joker would ever let him live down dabbing on some kids.

Similarly to the Borderlands crossover, it seems like some of these cosmetics will only be available by completing challenges.

Judging from the challenges, this is a full-blood crossover that will most likely include an LTM of sorts. Forget all that, you can light the bat signal. Fortnite just became the best game of all time.

If this seems like a random collaboration, there is some precedent. The Epic Games Store regularly gives out free games with tomorrow’s (September 19th) featuring Batman. The “???” is interesting, though it will most likely be a collection of the Arkham games.

Judging from the Borderlands collaboration, this is a limited-time crossover to promote a game. It’s fairly odd that a Batman collection on PC would be so shrouded in mystery and this is a lot of effort to go through just to promote that, so maybe it’s something a bit more?

And away we go.

UPDATE: it looks like Gotham City will be coming to Fortnite tomorrow (September 19th) when the Batman game becomes available on the Epic Games Store; no new POI once v10.31 downtime ended.

In addition, it seems like there will be specific Batman skins after all, though Epic have pulled some sneaky tricks to stop them being leaked.


The night awaits.

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