Baki: Season 4 – What You Should Know

Baki Season 4
Baki Season 4

You might not know this, but Baki is actually one of the oldest manga series ever made and one of the first in the martial arts genre. It started back in 1991 and has since been compiled into over 140 volumes, which makes it dozens of volumes more and far older than One Piece. Having this much source material will obviously lead to a ton of anime adaptations, and the next one is what fans are wondering about right now, Baki: Season 4.

Officially, Netflix has confirmed that Baki: Season 4 is coming soon, although it won’t be under that name. Instead, the fourth season is actually titled Baki Hanma: Son of Ogre – Season 2. So with a sequel in the works, here’s a look at everything you should know.


When Is Baki: Season 4 Coming Out?

Though Netflix has already released an announcement trailer for Baki: Season 4, the release date still remains a mystery. But the service isn’t known to make you wait that long, so expect the anime to arrive sometime in early 2023.

The teaser for the anime showed off some epic clips of what’s to come, and that was accompanied by some seriously stunning visuals too, so we’re sure Baki: Season 4 will live up to its hype.


What Is Baki: Season 4 About? (Spoiler Alert)

Baki: Season 4 will continue the story of Baki trying to become stronger than ever as he’s hell-bent on facing off and defeating the world’s strongest creature, his father Yujiro Hanma. And that’s actually the reason why the fourth season is titled “Baki Hanma: Son of Ogre”.

On his journey though, he’ll encounter terrifying new opponents. Specifically, we’re pointing at Pickle, the prehistoric caveman with mind-blowing strength that was teased in the final moments of the last season.


Which Studio Is Making Baki: Season 4?

Until now, all three seasons of Baki that have aired on Netflix since 2018 have been animated by TMS Entertainment. With the trailer officially out now, we can confirm that TMS is once again taking the lead on Baki: Season 4.

Let’s be honest, the Baki anime series has amazingly choreographed fights out of everything available today, and yes the action is punchy, but that wouldn’t be the case if TMS Entertainment hadn’t put in the effort. So as Baki: Season 4 will also be animated by TMS, you’ll have no shortage of visually stunning fights to look forward to.


Where Will Baki: Season 4 Be Aired?

Like its predecessors, Baki: Season 4 will be available to stream only on Netflix. If you were hoping for it to arrive on Crunchyroll or Funimation, then unfortunately you won’t be able to watch it there as Netflix holds the license.

The chances of it arriving on other services in the future also seem pretty slim but that’s what we have to deal with currently. In any case, you could either wait for a discount on the Netflix subscription or binge-watch the anime with a friend who owns one.

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