Rent-A-Girlfriend: Season 3 – What You Should Know (UPDATED)


If you’ve been following the rom-com scene, then you probably know about Rent-A-Girlfriend. Created by Reiji Miyajima, it follows Kazuya Kinoshita and several rental girlfriends, making it somewhat of a harem anime. Recently, Rent-A-Girlfriend just ended its second season after another cliffhanger ending. So that begs the question: will there be a Rent-A-Girlfriend: Season 3?

Fortunately, the official Twitter account of Rent-A-Girlfriend has officially confirmed Season 3. When translated, their Twitter post states that Rent-A-Girlfriend has been renewed for another season and is currently under production. Since there’s still a lot of material to cover, a renewal was expected, but when will Season 3 come out?


When Is Rent-A-Girlfriend: Season 3 Coming Out?

UPDATE: The long wait is finally over as Rent-A-Girlfriend: Season 3 is officially scheduled to release on 7th July 2023. The new season will commence the Summer 2023 anime line-up, so don’t forget to check out the other cool anime debuting.

ORIGINAL STORY: As of now, there’s no confirmed release date for Rent-A-Girlfriend: Season 3. However, if we look at the gap between the previous seasons, 2024 is a safe bet for a release window. Still, an earlier release date isn’t off the table just yet.

If we’re lucky, you might be able to watch Season 3 as early as 2023. Since Japanese animation studios were disrupted during the pandemic, this might have caused the two-year gap between the previous seasons. Now that things are slowly returning to normal, Rent-A-Girlfriend: Season 3 may come out earlier.


What Is Rent-A-Girlfriend: Season 3 About? (Spoiler Alert)

Rent-A-Girlfriend: Season 3 will pick up where Season 2 left off, so that puts it around Chapter 104 of the manga. It’ll cover the famous Rental Girlfriend’s Dream Arc, where Kazuya and Chizuru try to make a movie.

With Chizuru’s grandma running out of time, they want her to see Chizuru fulfill her dream of becoming a professional actress before it’s too late. This season will also introduce a new girl into the series named Mini Yaemori. Out of all the story arcs, this one’s more heartwarming and emotional.


Which Studio Is Making Rent-A-Girlfriend: Season 3?

Season 3 will be animated by TMS Entertainment, the same studio that animated the previous seasons. They’re also known for animating other anime, such as Dr. Stone, Detective Conan, and Fruits Basket.

The announcement was made along with the Season 3 renewal post. So far, TMS Entertainment has remained faithful to the source material and has shown excellent consistency with its animation. With the past seasons of Rent-A-Girlfriend being relatively successful, it’s safe to say that the third season is in good hands.


Where Will Rent-A-Girlfriend: Season 3 Be Aired?

If you’re watching from Japan, you can catch Rent-A-Girlfriend: Season 3 on MBS’s Super Animeism block. MBS TV has always been the dedicated broadcast network of Rent-A-Girlfriend since Season 1.

But if you’re not from Japan, then Crunchyroll is your go-to destination since it’ll air Season 3 the moment it drops.

Furthermore, you can watch Rent-A-Girlfriend for free on Bilibili or Muse Asia’s YouTube Channel if you live in the regions they support.

There’s a lot more story to tell with Rent-A-Girlfriend, so expect more seasons to come in the future. The next season is also a must-watch, as it covers one of the best storylines of the series.

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