Armored Core 6: How to Beat the Juggernaut

Juggernaut - Defeat
Juggernaut - Defeat

One of the first major bosses players will face in Armored Core 6 is the Juggernaut, a massive tank-like MT during the mission “Operation Wallclimber.” After navigating the city below and getting to the checkpoint with the Resupply Sherpa sent by Handler Walter to replenish your AC’s ammunition and health, you then get to fight the main defender of the Wall, the Juggernaut.

The fight against this huge machine may seem daunting, but it’s all about pattern recognition and seeing the opportunity to attack and being as aggressive as possible without ignoring the dangers of being too close for too long. For the first half of the fight, you will be assisted by another AC with V.IV “Rusty,” and he will be distracting the Juggernaut so you can easily see its weak points.

The Juggernaut’s front 180 degrees is invincible to any sort of weapon damage, melee or ranged. Anything shot at its front will just bounce clean off. Only from its sides and back will the Juggernaut take any sort of damage. Weapons with high Stagger damage like Bazookas or Linear Rifles excel in this fight as they quickly stun the boss, allowing you to do damage to its back.

Halfway through the fight, Rusty will depart the battlefield leaving you to fight the Juggernaut by yourself. This is when it can be tricky to manage situational awareness, but the boss has an easily discernible pattern of attacks. If you’re at a medium range, the Juggernaut will spin up its tracks and charge directly at you while leaving a trail of blinking red mines that explode on contact with your AC or on their own after a few seconds. After charging, the boss will spin around and shoot its large cannons in quick succession. Telegraphed by a warning on your HUD, it’s best to avoid these shots while in the air as on the ground they produce a huge explosion that is hard to avoid. When closer in, the Juggernaut will occasionally spin around and deploy a huge arc of mines at its feet preventing you from getting in close to do damage.

To get at the Juggernaut’s sides and back to damage it, use your Target Assist feature and keep locked onto it as best as possible. Use of Assault Boost and Quick Boost will allow you to flank this giant and then using any and all weapons you have to hit it with Stagger damage. While in its stunned state, use your AC’s blade or concentrate your fire as much as possible to maximize how much health you take off the boss. If you also use a Vertical Missile on your shoulder slots, some missiles can hit the boss’ back area if you fire from a medium range, but these can be unreliable for sustained damage.

Another viable approach is to leap over the Juggernaut and attack its back from above once you are on top of it. Hitting the boss in the back area will do the most Stagger damage possible, allowing you to close in for the heavier hits.

Keep up the fight and use your ammo as carefully as possible, because this can be a bit of a sustained fight that can drag on. So preserve your most powerful shots for when you know you have a big opening and you will come out on top.

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