Apex Legends’ Next Character Spotted In-Game

Wonder how much currency Crypto will cost.

Wraith Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment have dropped their biggest hint yet regarding their latest Apex Legends character, largely assumed to be a hero by the name of Crypto. Rumours of his appearance have been doing to the rounds since before Season 2, but players have now been able to find him in-game. Check out the video from Reddit user FrozenFroh below.

CRYPTO has appeared!!! He ran away! from apexlegends

Crypto can be found in the Labs (east) by kicking a door open. Inside, you can watch him and his drone fiddle around on a computer before escaping via a nearby door. The computer screen makes reference to “World’s Edge” as the key, along with an image for what appears to be a space elevator that’s found in the Titanfall 2 map Eden (thanks ExoMadaraTv). That could be a possible hint at a new map, but I might be reaching on that one. Crypto is also being linked to the King’s Canyon banners shutting down recently.

It’s worth noting that Crypto is just the name that was referenced in the Apex Legends files, so Respawn might rename him before the launch of Season 3, but the Apex Legends subreddit have made it clear that they wouldn’t support that decision. Either way, Apex’s next character will launch with the advent of Season 3, which should start within the next few weeks. Season 2 concludes on October 1st, so expect the next character to roll out not long after.

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