Animal Crossing: New Horizons Spring Fishing Tourney Tips and Rewards

Fish til you drop.

Spring Fishing Tourney
Spring Fishing Tourney

It’s a busy time to be an Animal Crossing: New Horizons player at the minute. Not only do we have Bunny Day wrapping up, but April 11th also sees the Spring Fishing Tourney hosted by C.J.: the fishing guy who you should have met wandering around your island taking your fish off your hands for better than normal prices.

From 9AM to 6PM, players can visit C.J. on the Plaza to start a three-minute round to see how many fish they can catch. Collecting three fish will give you an extra two points with one point given per fish caught. You can then use these points to buy some exclusive fish-themed swag for every ten points you collect.

If you’re looking for some Spring Fishing Tourney tips in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, as well as what you earn for taking part, read on.


Spring Fishing Tourney Tips

Manila Clam New Horizons
Manila Clam New Horizons

The most obvious tip we have is to get yourself some Manila clams to turn into bait. Manila clams can be found along the beaches on your island and spurt water out of the sand; use your shovel to dig them up. We suggest you make ten bait in total.

A small tip for the Fishing Tourney (though one that might save you a good second or two) is to have your Fishing Rod equipped when you talk to C.J., who does tend to blather on a bit. The first time you enter is free, but every subsequent entry costs you 500 Bells. You will earn that back every time if you collect at least two fish, so it’s constant profit.

And, though this may be obvious for many, we recommend you get yourself two fishing rods at once for the tournament. You will go through a lot of fish, meaning that your rod is likely to break in the middle of it all.

As for how to get the most amount of fish, we have a tip that is bound to give you at least eight fish every single time for 10 points, meaning you get a reward over and over per trip.

In the video above, we go to the shoreline right next to the airport pier. The pier narrows how much the fish can move, meaning they are effectively stuck in a much smaller area and can’t wriggle around as much.

If you face the camera while remaining completely straight, you can then chuck bait, spawn the fish, and then immediately cast your rod without having to use the directional stick at all as the fish will always perfectly line up with your rod. Using this method, you can get a fish on average every 17 seconds.

The only thing that will really go against you during the Fishing Tourney is how many nibbles the fish take before they can be reeled in. If you get loads that only require one or two nibbles you could get ten fish, but if you get some teasing fish, your total will be frustratingly lower.


Spring Fishing Tourney Tips

Bronze Fish Trophy
Bronze Fish Trophy

Here’s everything we’ve earned from redeeming our points in the Spring Fishing Tourney in New Horizons. Once you have collected all of the different rewards, they then repeat.

– Cooler
– Fish wand
– Fish drying rack
– Fish-print tee
– Tackle bag
– Fish pochette
– Fish door plate
– Marine pop Wall
– Fish rug
– Fish umbrella
– Anchor statue
– Fishing rod stand
– Fish print
– Fish print-tee

As well as that, we have also earned a Bronze Fish Trophy for amassing 100 points in total during the event with more trophies being up for grabs the further into the hundreds of points you collect.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is out now exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. From our review:

“New Horizons is a great continuation of an already fantastic series of games, and paying back Tom Nook’s loan has never been so fun.”

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