Animal Crossing: New Horizons Bunny Day: What You Need To Know (UPDATED)

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Though the game has only been out a short while, Nintendo aren’t messing around when it comes introducing Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ first event: Bunny Day.

Taking place between April 1st and April 12th, Bunny Day sees players hunting down eggs across the island at the behest of Zipper the bunny. Your reward for doing so will be some Easter-themed recipes, including a rather fetching arch.

If you miss out on the event, you will have to wait a full year until it returns. Time-skipping will not work here.

To take part in the event, all you will need is to make sure you are on the v1.10 version of the game, which is basically the one available from launch day. You can check with version you are on from your Switch dashboard or on the start screen of New Horizons itself.

New Horizons Bunny Day
New Horizons Bunny Day

Players will be able to catch all manner of eggs during the Bunny Day event, with many of them being used in certain special recipes. Recipes can be found by using your slingshot to knock down the easter-themed balloons or on the beach in messages in a bottle, but you can also occasionally discover recipes by simply collecting a set amount of recipes.

Here’s a full list of everywhere you can find eggs during New Horizons’ Bunny Day event:

– Water (as fish)
– Rocks
– Sky (as balloons)
– Ground (as fossils)
– Trees

The eggs will not spawn indoors.

Rather irritatingly, the eggs will overtake any money trees that you currently have planted, so you may have to wait until after the event is over before you can claim your blossomed buried money.

If you collect every single recipe and craft them all, Zipper will give you a special reward at the conclusion of Bunny Day on April 12th, though we do not know what that it is.

There will be another event during April, Earth Day, which seems to involve the returning Leif the sloth. I wonder if they will add another event for Mr. Resetti that undoes all of the rampant time-skipping players are getting up to*.

If you’re just starting in New Horizons, we have guides on how to catch hermit crabs, how to get rid of tree stumps, and even how to jazz up your NookPhone.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is out now exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. Players arrive on a tropical island, and the rest is up to them.

(*disclaimer: I had to skip forward one day because Resident Services was closed and I grew tired of talking about glutes to my crocodile mate.)

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