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New Horizons Tree Stumps

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Since releasing on March 20th, millions of Animal Crossing: New Horizons players around the world have been hard at work on building their dream island, collecting resources and felling trees in the hopes of acquiring a pink flamingo. Unfortunately for the aesthetic-orientated among us, chopping down trees leaves behind some rather unsightly tree stumps.

While you can sit on these tree stumps (and even stave off the inevitable wasp assault by doing so), you might want to remove them to free up some space or to just make your island look tidier. It’s a rather simple process to do so, though the game never really tells you how.

All you need to do to remove tree stumps in New Horizons is to get yourself a shovel. Even a flimsy shovel, which costs just 5 hardwood to make, will be up to the job. If you don’t want to craft the shovel, Timmy will sell them at Resident Services and later in Nook’s Cranny.

New Horizons Tree Stumps
New Horizons Tree Stumps

Once you have your shovel, wander up to a stump, press A, and then it will be dug out of the ground. Press A again to fill in the hole, or use this opportunity to plant some new fruit trees.

And that’s all there really is to it. You can also use your shovel to dig up and relocate flowers, something which I revelled in as I made symmetrical flower beds that no one will probably ever see or appreciate.

However, bugs seem to enjoy sitting on top of these stumps, so maybe keep a few around to attract them.

Happy shovelling.

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