A24’s Low Tide Asks Us To Choose Our Origin Story

Will you become the good guy, or the bad guy?

A24 has just released the trailer for Low Tide, and it looks to be quite the adventure story, as well as a coming of age film. As is the norm when watching an A24 trailer, there is much hype and anticipation, with bits and pieces of the movie offered to tease you, but still a general lack of clarity on how exactly the movie is going to turn out. All we know is that there is a bunch of boys, gold is involved, and someone’s abdomen has been sliced (ouch).

The cast boasts quite the list of young actors, with the likes of IT’s Jaeden Martell, Alita: Battle Angel’s Keean Johnson and Eighth Grade’s Daniel Zolghadri. It is helmed by first time director Kevin McMulllin, drawing on his background to tell the Jersey Shore story. Early reviews have likened it to movies like The Goonies and Stand By Me, combining an adventure tale with a taste of menance.

A24 has been having quite the year, adding movies like Midsommar, The Souvenir and The Farewell to their already bloated list of accomplishments. Their movies are such intricate labours of love, and while Low Tide might not be on the same level as the movies mentioned, it is a wonderfully packaged version of nostalgia – tone and atmosphere of the 80s yet absolutely relevant due to its discussion of self and identity.

There is no release date for Low Tide, so we will just have to wait till A24 rolls out more news on the movie.

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