10 Best Indie Songs of 2015 So Far

Ever since I could speak I would sing along to the songs my mother would play, whether she was cooking in the kitchen, or kicking back with a glass of Pinot; I was always singing and playing air guitar. Music has been a part of my life for an extremely long time, there to lick wounds when I’m feeling low, or just to mellow me out.

My love for indie music grew in the late 90’s, when my mother would play The Verve at full blast, and when ‘Californication’ quickly became the theme tune of my youth. As indie music has progressed, it’s become something completely diverse, and extremely popular. I have compiled a playlist of what I deem to the be the best indie songs of 2015 so far.

Starting from number ten all the way to number one, we’re going to take a look at the best indie songs of 2015.


10. Mumford and Sons – ‘Believe’

Listen to this when you’re feeling totally unsure about life. It might not give you the answers, but it will definitely help you along the way.


9. The Staves – ‘Make it Holy’

Let’s stop hiding from ourselves; this song might be able to teach you something new about yourself. It did for me.


8. Oh Mercy – ‘Sandy’

Listening to this will make you wish you were called Sandy so this song could potentially be about you. For now, let’s just pretend it is, because it’s pretty great.


7. Lord Huron – ‘Fool for Love’

This is an absolute road trip theme tune, driving down Route 66 with the roof down, waving your arms though through the wind and taking in the sights. This is the song you should be listening to.


6. The Academic – ‘Different’

This song is the phonetic version of a bad boy, if that’s even a thing. But it’s healthier then the real thing, right? So go indulge in this song right away.


5. Esme Patterson – ‘Wildflower’

After a long day at work, you need to kickback and relax. Get drunk on all of your thoughts, along with the wine- all of the wine.


4. Andrew Britton & Jesse O’Mahoney – ‘White Cliffs’

This song is badass. The vocals are incredible; it’s easy listening and great for a background sound. This song is something to really enrich a weekday chill out night.


3. Spector – ‘Bad Boyfriend’

This song is full of sardonic wit. The lyrics are amusing, and it’s a really good listen if you’re after something a bit different.


2. Grow & Twine – ‘Give You Me’

The vocals make this song something spectacular; all the harmonizing creates something truly diverse. I love the way it sounds; it’s a piece of art. You should definitely give this a listen.


1. Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield – ‘Say Yes’

Now, this song is a great spin on the original classic by Elliott Smith. The lyrics in this song are completely relatable, and the vocals just as enriching. This song tells a love story seemingly about a girl, however the song ends up to be about loving oneself. You’ll probably find yourself listening to this after a break up, or in a time of true self-reflection. And, it’s literally music to your ears. Let’s face it, this song is truly incredible. You can read more about the influence Elliot Smith has on indie music today, and why this song really did deserve a re–release via the Rolling Stone website.


If you’re after a place to find these songs, there is always YouTube. However, a great way to find new tunes is to download 8 tracks or Spotify. Both apps have pre-compiled playlists for you to get stuck into if you’re wanting to discover new music.

These songs are in my opinion some of the best indie songs of 2015. I hope you guys loved them as much as me, and are listening to the playlist on repeat.

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