The Partridge Diet: How To Eat Like Alan

Alan Partridge, Britain's favourite broadcaster, has a new show coming to the BBC. In this exclusive article we analyse the man's diet and find out just what makes Alan Alan.

A Tribute To Those Who Take Us To The Movies

"Some other of those memories I cherish are the movies we saw, the times we went to the theater, and, of course, the War Horse screening we went to."

Bad or Rad?: Spider-Man 3

Few people will admit to loving Spider-Man 3, but not our Ben. He wears his shame with pride.


Join The Slayers Club, Get A Free DOOM Eternal Skin

To celebrate the franchise's 25th anniversary, Bethesda and id are giving away a free skin for DOOM Eternal for when it drops next year.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the purest FPS franchise in gaming... Read More
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