Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 (PC) REVIEW – Battling Fatigue

Even with a new battle royale to play, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 still feels like a game too shackled by its conventions.

Developer(s): Treyarch, Beenox, Raven Software Publisher: Activision Platform(s): PC, PS4, XB1 Review code purchasedCall of Duty needed a change, though few of us could have predicted that that change would entail dropping the…

PS4 Exclusive Days Gone Delayed Until April

Days Gone has been pushed back from February to give it a better chance to shine in April.

SIE Bend's Days Gone has been through the wringer since it was first announced at E3 2016. After dropping off the radar, it's been shown off sporadically but has also suffered a couple of delays, the latest pushing it out of a very…

Orogenesis (PC) REVIEW – The Next Tier of Weird

Orogenesis may have flaws, but it covers them up well with its art and music. You get your money’s worth.

Developer: Samu Publisher: Samu Platform: PC Review code purchasedOrogenesis is the term for when a mountain is formed, and a game of the same name was released a few days ago on Steam. Created by independent artist Samuel Turensky…

Halloween (2018) REVIEW – Pure, Unrelenting Terror

David Gordon Green's knowledge and adoration for the Halloween franchise shines through in this superior sequel.

The highly anticipated sequel to the original John Carpenter classic has finally come to theaters and is looking to break box office records this weekend. From the moment the Universal logo pops onto the screen right down to the final…

New Amsterdam: Season 1 – Episode 4 ‘Boundaries’ REVIEW

Main character Dr. Max Goodwin's name seems about fair here - this week he comes good and enjoys a win or two.

New Amsterdam is one of the best new medical dramas of the season, and this is certainly not an understatement. The story is deep, there is an emotional connection that is unlike anything else, and each week continues to surpass…

INTERVIEW: Ian Sputnik Talks Short Horror Stories

"...And if you enjoy writing, never give up, no matter how many rejections you get."

We are well into October, and we all have our own ways to get ready for the scariest of holidays, Halloween. We each have our own different rituals, whether we like to prepare our costume a whole month in advance or curl up in the darkness…

Suspiria (2018) REVIEW – The Devil Is In The Details

One thing's for certain: Luca Guadagnino's vision for Suspiria isn't going to be to everyone's tastes.

If you were to look at Luca Guadagnino’s previous film, Call Me By Your Name, and tell me that within a year he would release Suspiria, I would call you mad. There is such a vast contrast in style, emotion and themes between these two films…

Reigns: Game Of Thrones (PC) REVIEW – Full of Terrors

Reigns: Game of Thrones may be the most faithful adaptation of the HBO show yet in that being a ruler truly sucks.

Developer: Nerial Publisher: Devolver Digital Platform(s): PC, iOS, Android Review code providedSome things sound like they just make sense on paper. Bread and butter. A Lord of the Rings extended cut marathon and a free weekend.…

Infliction (PC) REVIEW – A Haunted House Tour De Force

Infliction from Caustic Reality unrelentingly preys on the player’s nerves and sanity in this chilling horror game.

Developer: Caustic Reality Publisher: Caustic Reality Platform(s): PC Review code providedI’m of the opinion that horror is the most challenging genre in which to excel. Whether it’s games, film, or literature, the task of providing…

Lego DC Super-Villains (PS4) REVIEW – A Fun Walk On The Wild Side

Not revolutionary by any means, Lego DC Super-Villains maintains and very slightly adds to the successful formula of the Lego games for some simple fun.

Developer: Traveller's Tales Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Platform(s): PC, PS4, XB1, Switch Review code providedSimilarly to the likes of Dynasty Warriors and FIFA, the Lego games developed by Traveller's Tales…

SHORT STORIES: Watch Closely

"It was always a good idea to keep an eye out when the inmates were acting weird."

Officers Pelowitz and Fonte were making their usual rounds when they heard a new sound, a piercing irregular tone that they hadn't heard before amongst the banging and yelling of the inmates. They took two steps back to get a better look at…


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