Xbox’s All Access Payment Plan Sounds Like A Great Next-Gen Entry Point

A payment that doesn't involve hired goons breaking your legs.

Xbox Series X

Today has seen Xbox finally lift the lid on the Xbox Series S, their accessible entry into the world of next-gen, offering plenty of next-gen features and upgrades for only a fraction of the cost of the Xbox Series X. While that’s great in and of itself, leaks have suggested that Xbox will be utilising the All-Access payment plan to allow players to experience next-gen for the themselves.

Aside from the straight-up $299 purchase of the Xbox Series S, or the $499 rumoured cost of the Xbox Series X, Microsoft will allow players to purchase their next-gen consoles as part of a bundle, which includes Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, with monthly payments. The Series S bundle will cost $25 per month, while the Xbox Series X bundle will reportedly set you back $35 a month.

While being able to purchase the console outright will likely be a preferable option to some players, myself included (less bills hanging over my head every month), the fact remains that All-Access will be an accessible entry point for those who don’t necessarily possess the disposable income to drop a couple of hundred on a new console.

Xbox Series S design
Xbox Series S design

In the UK, we have websites like that allow you to purchase items in monthly instalments, ensuring that you can refurnish your home or buy that shiny new console in time for Christmas, paying back the cost over time. It’s not a new concept, but the fact that Xbox themselves are pushing forward this payment plan via Xbox All-Access proves that Microsoft are heavily invested in providing accessible points of entry to next-gen.

The Xbox Series S in and of itself is a great option for players who are just looking to upgrade what they’re currently playing with their friends, with faster load times and such, and for PlayStation players who occasionally like to the see how the other half lives. With big franchises like Forza and Gears of War already available, along with Halo Infinite and a new Fable in the works, a new Xbox is perhaps more enticing than ever.

Couple all of that with Xbox Game Pass, which offers hundreds of games for a reasonable price, along with backwards compatibility across all generations of Xbox, with support for all accessories that currently work on the Xbox One X, and it’s clear that Microsoft’s strategy here is accessibility and affordability, and it’s one that could just pay off come November.

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