Xbox Series X | S: How To Upload Screenshots & Videos

Show off your juiciest no-scopes.

Xbox Series X
Xbox Series X
NameXbox Series X | S
Release DateNovember 10th
Price$499/£449 (X) | $299/£249 (S)
Backwards CompatXbox One, Xbox 360, Xbox

One of the few benefits of a society with enhanced social interaction through the internet is that you can share all your cool gaming moments with the world in just a few clicks. Now the entire world can see your epic triple headshot kill, or weird Skyrim glitch, easier than ever before, but how do you do it on the Xbox Series X | S?


How To Take Screenshots & Videos on Xbox Series X | S?

In order to upload screenshots and videos, you first have to take them. In order to take a screenshot or video, you simply have to press the Guide button, then Y or X on the controller respectively. The Xbox will then take a high quality screenshot, or a video clip set to your preferred length.

The Xbox Series X | S controller also comes equipped with a share button underneath the Guide button, which is an easier way of capturing content than the Guide button method. Pressing the button will capture a screenshot, while holding the button will capture a video.


How Do You Upload Screenshots & Videos On Xbox Series X | S?

To then upload those screenshots and videos, you’ll need to go to your Captures tab after pressing the Guide button. Select the recent captures option to see what content you can play around with and pick the content you want to upload.

From there, you can directly upload content to your Xbox Activity Feed or send it as a message to an Xbox friend or official Club. You can also share straight to Twitter, or to your OneDrive account, from which you can edit the clip or screenshot further.

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