Xbox Series X | S: How To Take Longer Video Clips

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Series X
Series X
NameXbox Series X | S
Release DateNovember 10th
Price$499/£449 (X) | $299/£249 (S)
Backwards CompatXbox One, Xbox 360, Xbox

We all love taking screenshots and recording clips of moments within games, and the Xbox Series X and S may offer some of the most robust options on any console to date. How do you make your video clips longer, though?


Increase Video Clip Length On Xbox Series X | S

There are actually two different ways of changing video clip and capture length on your Xbox Series X | S, here’s the classic way of doing it first:

– First off, get to Settings. There should be a large tile for this on your dashboard, but you can also find it by holding down the Xbox button on your controller instead.
– Next, go to Preferences from the left side of the screen.
– Select Capture and Share from the new options that pop up.

If you want a slightly faster way of changing capture settings, here’s what you do instead.

– Hold down the middle Xbox button on the controller, a pop-out menu should appear.
– Press RB or scroll right until you find the Capture & Share section. It should look like a tray with a directional arrow pointing upwards.
– Scroll down to Capture settings right at the bottom.

In Capture settings, you can not only change the length of clips, but also things like resolution.

Speaking of resolution, the quality of a clip dictates how long the clip can be. Unfortunately, the longest a clip on Xbox Series X | S can be is 5 minutes at 720p. 1080p captures are 2 minutes at most. 4K captures can only be 30 seconds long.

As with the Xbox One, the best way to capture longer clips on the Xbox Series X | S is with an Elgato or a similar capture device. There’s no time limit with Elgato as all video files are saved to a laptop or PC instead, so the only real limit is your hard drive space.

For more on Xbox Series X | S, be sure to check out how you can change the time, if you don’t trust the internet to do it automatically.

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