Xbox Console Exclusive Puzzler MØRKREDD Announced

Light it up.


Hyper Games and Aspyr have announced MØRKREDD, a couch co-op puzzle game that sees two characters utilising a giant orb of light to survive in a world filled with shadows. The game launches this December for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S as an Xbox console exclusive. Check out the official trailer for yourself above.


What The Hell Is MØRKREDD?

As mentioned, it’s a co-op puzzler where the two lead characters have to guide a giant orb of light to safety, as standing in the shadows means death. Interestingly, MØRKREDD is designed to be a couch co-op game at heart, meaning that the two characters will always be playable, even if you’re playing alone.


What Does That Mean?

MØRKREDD will utilise dual character controls for those who attempt to play the game solo, meaning the lone player will be able to control both characters simultaneously. Of course, you could also just recruit a friend to play couch co-op together and try to tackle the game’s 60+ puzzles. MØRKREDD will launch this December on PC via Steam and the Microsoft Store, along with Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S through Game Pass.

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