WWE Sign New TV Deal With BT Sport

A new home for WWE in the UK.

Image Source: WWE.com

The UK is a huge market for the WWE, making up a significant portion of it’s international fanbase. Having been tied down to broadcasting exclusively on Sky Sports, WWE has now brokered a deal with BT Sports to bring wrestling to a new home in the UK.

This means all weekly content including Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live will be broadcasted live on a brand new network. All WWE franchised pay-per-views will also be making the jump over from Sky Box Office as part of this new deal.

BT have yet to comment on the reports, but I would expect more details to be revealed over the next few days and weeks.

This seemingly is in response to ITV’s recently announced partnership with All Elite Wrestling. All AEW shows will be coming to the UK as part of their new TV deal with ITV, filling the gap in the market left behind by World of Sport Wrestling, that has yet to be return for a second season.


Will you be tuning in for Raw and SmackDown each week? Or have you been burned out by the monotony of McMahon’s shoddy booking? Let us know in the comments below.

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