WWE Losers Of The Week (10/08/2018): Should’ve Tagged With Breeze

Losers of the Week

So here we are again to pass judgement on the superstars of WWE. The men and women on this list are here for failing to win matches, for being owned on the mic, and for being taken out backstage by their rivals. It doesn’t matter how well the wrestlers perform; if they can’t find a way to stay on top, they will find their names somewhere on this list.

It was a week full of real-life injuries, boring Raw matches, and a certain fool failing to realise tagging with Tyler Breeze isn’t the end of the world. Let’s see which WWE superstars tripped up on Raw, SmackDown, 205 Live, and NXT this week.


10. Daniel Bryan

A very angry D-Bry tried to get the jump on The Miz whilst he was the set of Miz and Mrs, but Bryan just couldn’t exact the revenge he wanted.

The Miz cut another beautiful promo about how he is sick of Bryan and the WWE universe calling him soft and scared, but before he could finish, Daniel Bryan launched himself at Miz from out of nowhere, attacking The Miz and his security team. The Miz took advantage of a distracted Bryan, and struck him from behind with a flower vase, giving the “Awesome One” enough time to escape.

Neither man really got the better of the other, but Bryan was definitely buried by Miz’s mic work and Miz was the one who walked away after dealing the final blow. D-Bry can easily bounce back from this, and the snarl on his face as he shook off the remnants of the flower vase suggests that he sure as hell isn’t done with his long-time foe.


9. Mojo Rawley

Wow, WWE gave up pretty quickly with Rawley. After a few very dominant wins over Raw’s residential jobbers, Rawley ate a clean loss from the ever-forgettable Bobby Roode.

There was technically nothing wrong with the match, but it wasn’t half boring. What’s more, a win for Rawley would’ve made him look credible. Roode doesn’t get anything at all from this.

Try to stay hyped, bro. I’m sure WWE will brush the dust from your shoulders one day and give you a meaningless midcard title run.


8. Aiden English

Aiden, mate, what are you playing at? Rusev told you to stay in the back, and you really thought it would be a smart idea to ignore his instructions? Use your head, man.

English added a little zest to a match that wasn’t very strong, but his interference cost Lana her second match in a row. The break-up of Rusev Day is on the horizon, and Aiden needs to do something drastic to make up for his failures.

If WWE go ahead and separate Rusev from English, I doubt there’s any long-term booking plans in place for the Chicago native. I’m hoping for a miracle to keep these guys together.


7. The IIconics (Billie Kay & Peyton Royce)

I can’t even remember the last time these ladies won a match. Their job this week was to put over Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch as a cohesive unit, building up the storyline for their triple threat match against Carmella at SummerSlam.

The match was fine, and you can’t fault the character work of the two heels. Realistically, Kay & Royce were never going to win this match, and it ended with Peyton Royce tapping to Charlotte’s Figure Eight.

I understand that WWE want to keep the focus on Flair & Lynch, but how many times are we going to have to see The IIconics lose? An occasional win for the Aussies wouldn’t go amiss.


6. Lana

The poor girl can’t catch a break. In what was a less impressive rehash of their match last week, Lana was toppled again by Zelina Vega.

As I’ve already said, there was very little to separate this match from the one last week, with the exception of Rusev being in Lana’s corner. I’d say the crowd were less into it because we all saw this match the last time we watched SmackDown, but that’s not to say the women phoned it in. For the second time in a row, Aiden English’s interference cost Lana the win, which means Lana’s only role as a competitor seems to be to further the divide between Rusev and English.

I’ve no problem with Lana having the occasional match to build-up her experience in the ring, but let’s be honest, she needs to go back to being Rusev’s manager. I know which superstar I’d rather see in a wrestling match.


5. Braun Strowman

Strowman must really enjoy being made to look like a fool. For the second week in a row, the “Monster in the Bank” (I feel dirty for actually calling him that) lost in a spectacularly stupid way to Jinder Mahal.

Kevin Owens continued to play mind games with Strowman by taking the Money in the Bank briefcase from ringside, and Strowman allowed himself to get riled up by it. This week, he got so mad he swung the case at Jinder and lost the match via DQ.

I get what’s going on; WWE are trying to show all the ways Braun Strowman can lose a match, and consequently his guaranteed shot for the Universal Championship, but if Braun is going to keep losing on the run-up to SummerSlam, he should definitely be obliterating Kevin’s entourage along the way so we still him as a threat.

All this storyline is doing is making one of the most over guys on Raw look like a moron. It didn’t take Vince McMahon long to ruin one of his best creations in years.


4. Mustafa Ali

“The Heart of 205 Live” put on a brave showing against Hideo Itami, but Ali was unable to get the job done.

Both superstars put on a fantastic match in which Ali’s recent stay in hospital became the main focus. Mustafa moved slower, had to stop to regain his balance, and a dizzy spell on the top rope ultimately cost him the match. A crazy-looking Itami nearly tore Ali’s face off with three brutal drop kicks that left him unable to beat the three-count.

An intense rivalry has been building between these superstars for a while now, and Mustafa Ali has always come off worse. With an official loss to Itami in the books, Ali needs to come back with that fighting spirit he’s famous for.


3. Seth Rollins

You just couldn’t go with Tyler Breeze, could you? Honestly, Seth has no one to blame for his big loss on Monday Night Raw other than himself.

Stephanie McMahon ordered Kurt Angle to ban Roman Reigns from being Seth’s partner, so the Architect decided to go it alone against Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre. As expected, Rollins went above and beyond to stop Raw from being absolute bollocks. That said he still lost to his biggest rivals, and all because he didn’t want to partner up with Tyler Breeze.

Seth continues to fight from behind as Ziggler & McIntyre get the better of him. How can the former two-time WWE Champion even believe he’s capable of beating Ziggler anymore when he clearly can’t overcome the numbers game they’re playing?


2. Aleister Black

Things have not gone well for Black. First, he was denied revenge against Johnny Gargano, and then a real-life groin injury meant he had to be written out of the Takeover: Brooklyn 4 main event.

It looked like Black was getting the better of Gargano in their match on NXT this week before Tommaso Ciampa got involved. The ref had to throw the match out, and then William Regal declared the three-man feud would come to an end in a triple threat match in Brooklyn.

As most of us know (and for those that don’t, I apologise for the spoiler), Black was injured in a match at an NXT house show and he needed to be written out of the story so he could undergo surgery. This ‘who-dunnit’ is an intriguing twist, but it’s a shame it comes at the cost of such a promising triple threat match.


1. Baron Corbin

Constable Corbin may be underwhelming in the ring, but there’s no denying his clean victory over Finn Bálor last week means the company must think highly of him. In fact, WWE hold Corbin in such high regard, he was rewarded this week by being fed to the Big Dog.

This was just another slow, boring Corbin match that got way too much TV time. The Constable gave up towards the end of the match and started heading up the ramp, but Finn Bálor was there to block Corbin’s path.

Roman Reigns took advantage of the situation, hitting a Superman punch and spear combination for the win. After the match, Bálor hit Corbin with the Coup de Grace.

I don’t enjoy Corbin’s in-ring work at the best of times, but this was just really uninteresting. Add to it he’s continuing this dumb feud with Bálor that no one wants to see, and you get the terrible accolade of becoming our WWE Loser of the Week.

Not everyone can be a winner in WWE, but these guys need to up their games fast. There’s only one week left until SummerSlam is here, so make sure to come back next Friday to see if any of these superstars manage to turn the tide in their favour.

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