WWE Just Cancelled Talking Smack And Everyone Is Sad

Miz and Maryse
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WWE has announced the cancellation of the weekly format of their Talking Smack show on the WWE Network. Instead, WWE has decided to make Talking Smack and Raw Talk a show that takes place only after PPV events. The news of this has sent many within the WWE Universe into a complete frenzy. Many fans have already taken to Twitter and other social media platforms to express their outrage with the WWE over this decision.

If you are like myself and many others, you’ve likely enjoyed Talking Smack on a weekly basis. It has helped to progress story lines and allowed superstars to elevate their game on the mic. The Miz, AJ Styles, Kevin Owens, and many other Smackdown superstars have been able to use the additional time to cut promos and get themselves over as a result. In fact in the minds of many The Miz used the show to truly elevate his WWE status to the next level.

Daniel Bryan on Talking Smack
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The WWE may be using this cancellation as a cost cutting measure similar to their recent decision to cut out pyro from superstar entrances. Meanwhile the more obvious decision to change the format of 205 Live has not happened. Many feel 205 Live could really benefit from a complete change in format and style. In fact, having a more stripped down show similar NXT would be much more beneficial to 205 Live and their viewership as well.

It is difficult at this stage to say whether this decision will negatively effect the superstars of Smackdown Live. One could only imagine that a limited amount of air time will have an impact upon superstars who are looking to gain a voice within the WWE at the moment. Raw, which runs a weekly three hour program, has much more time to establish stories, promos, and get new faces on TV. Smackdown, on the other hand, only has a two hour show in which to do this, which means we will either see fewer new faces on the show being utilized or else a real lack of depth in the quality of the matches on the weekly show.

I for one am very disappointed to hear this news, as I tuned in every week to Talking Smack and enjoyed the format of the show. With rumours afloat that WWE may be considering ending the brand split, it makes me wonder if this is only the first step along the path to making the brand split come to a end. I would hope this is not the case, as the brand split has been incredible from a fans perspective. Sadly though, for now we must say goodbye to one of WWE’s better shows, and we can only sit back and see where it goes from here.