WWE & Endeavor Announce Plans To Launch New Podcast Network

Sitting here waiting for my Epico Colon podcast.

WWE have confirmed a partnership with Endeavor Audio, a platform for anyone to produce their own audio content for fanbases across the world. With wrestling podcasts becoming more and more popular, it’s only natural for WWE to want to monopolise the market and start churning out their own content on a weekly basis.

Former WWE stars such as Chris Jericho, Edge & Christian and Steve Austin have all branched out into the podcast market, putting together audio episodes that have become massive talking points across the world of wrestling. WWE have attempted to produce content in the same vein, putting the aforementioned hosts on the WWE Network in an interview-based scenario, but they’ve never really had the same charm.

Endeavor Audio have forged partnerships with the likes of Rami Malek, The Bella Twins and Freaknik, so they made for the ideal choice to forge a partnership with WWE for hteir new Podcast Network. Details on who exactly will be involved on this new network have yet to be confirmed, but Senior Vice President of Endeavor Audio stated that:

“Through our new partnership with WWE, we’re looking forward to tapping into their iconic event portfolio and talent base to create compelling audio content for their fans.”

Either way, this should be an exciting new feature for WWE and a fantastic companion for the travelling fan. Who would you like to see produce some podcasts for WWE’s new network? Let us know in the comments below.

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