Wrestling Rumour: Reigns vs. Lesnar To Headline WrestleMania 34

WWE are seriously all in on Roman Reigns. Guess who they want to main event 2018's Wrestlemania?


News has recently broken regarding the WWE and their main event plans for Wrestlemania next year. The rumoured plan, as of right now, would see Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns once again main event the biggest stage of them all. This time around the plan would be for the two to lock up with the WWE Universal Championship on the line.

This news begs the question of what the WWE has planned over the next year, if this is the way they intend to go. This could very well mean we see a Brock Lesnar WWE Universal Title run lasting an entire year. This long of a title run could be seen as a great way to boost the integrity and prestige of the title itself. But there will be many fans who will strongly feel this type of run would take away opportunities from younger talent and new stars, which the WWE truly need at this time.

It is no secret the vast majority of the WWE Universe are not Roman Reigns supporters, but this is not going to stop WWE and their efforts to push him to the top of their ranks. Like it or not, Reigns is here to stay, and as long as the fans are giving some form of a reaction anytime Reigns is on screen, they will continue to use him in a large capacity in their programming. Reigns’ rise to the top is very reminiscent of John Cena, where no matter what he does in his career now, there is always going to be a large portion of the WWE Universe who do not want to support him.

Roman Reigns, top mic worker
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There are many other issues that arise in making this the focus for next year’s Wrestlemania already. It almost promises that Brock Lesnar is set to defeat Goldberg at Wrestlemania 33 this year. Then there is also the question of Kevin Owens being owed a rematch, and what about Finn Balor as well? Will these two just be fed directly to Brock Lesnar through the year?

The last time Brock Lesnar took on Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania the WWE had to make a swerve and get Seth Rollins involved. Because without Rollins cashing in his Money In The Bank briefcase that night the match itself would have fallen completely flat, and it would have left a bad taste in the mouths of fans around the world. There are still a lot of hoops the WWE will have to jump through in order to assure this match happens in a year.

The WWE will have to assure Reigns and Lesnar remain injury free through the year. They will also need to hope no other Superstar on the roster breaks through the glass ceiling and begins to become their new focus. It is very easy for plans to change based on variables out of the control of those involved, so for now, as fans, we will have to sit back and wait to see what develops from here.


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