Wrestling News: Shelton Benjamin Cleared To Return, Jim Cornette And The Revival At NXT Takeover?

Wrestlemania is basically Wrestling Christmas, so there's no surprise news is breaking left and right this week.


There is a lot of buzz around the world right now, as we are officially in to Wrestlemania Weekend. A piece of news that will be very interesting to many fans is that former WWE Superstar and soon to be returning talent Shelton Benjamin took to Twitter yesterday to announce he is cleared for his return to the ring. The question now is will Benjamin show up in any capacity at Wrestlemania, or will this be a treat that the WWE saves for us come Tuesday night on Smackdown Live?

This is exciting news, as Shelton Banjamin was always a superstar that gave it his all during his time in WWE. Not only that, but Benjamin has continued to produce amazing work outside of the WWE, so when news broke after the brand split that he would be returning to Smackdown Live many fans were extremely excited. An injury then sidelined the return of Benjamin, which assured we would not see him back in a WWE ring for a while. A return on the Smackdown following Wrestlemania sure would help give things a much needed boost of energy, especially seeing as by Tuesday many Wrestling fans around the world are going to be quite exhausted from an overload of amazing Wrestling. Either way, it will be exciting to once again see Shelton Benjamin in a WWE ring.

Another piece of interesting news, this time from the world of Twitter, happened when The Revival’s Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder posted a picture of themselves on Twitter with none other then legendary Wrestling personality Jim Cornette (with a tweet at Jim Cornette saying “Plans for Saturday night?”).

The Revival and Jim Cornette
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Jim Cornette then responded to the tweet stating “Ehhhh, could be………..”

This generated a lot of buzz, especially among those who follow Jim Cornette on his podcast. Cornette has been extremely vocal about his admiration for The Revival and finally seeing him standing alongside them is quite exciting. It makes it more exciting because the somewhat cryptic tweet could be a slight hint towards Jim Cornette being in the corner of The Revival this Saturday night at NXT Takeover: Orlando. Whether or not this happens remains to be seen, but the idea of two legendary managers in Jim Cornette and Paul Ellering being present during the triple threat tag team title match is dream booking for hardcore fans.  I can only imagine the amazingly large pop Cornette will deservedly receive if he walks out on Saturday night alongside of Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder.

Wretlemania always seems to be a great time for big surprises from the WWE and these two pieces of news would not disappoint any wrestling fan. While there are bound to be other surprises and big moments this weekend, and over the next week, all we can do for now is sit back and wait to find out which ones will come to fruition.


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