5 Worst Fortnite Weapons You Should Avoid

Fortnite hand cannon

Fortnite has a whole bunch of ways to kill your opponents. Whether it’s with a sturdy shotgun blast to the face, blowing them up until their entire personal history is erased, or breaking down their structure with a pickaxe like a true professional, there’s no shortage of options. However, as there are so many, there have to be some of the worst Fortnite weapons to balance things out.

Finding a balancing act with weapons in any competitive game is a tricky thing. Make one gun too powerful and it can disrupt the entire meta with all players just using the same gun — just look at the state of the game when the Compact SMG was first introduced. You need some less powerful and effective fare to balance things out, which is exactly what Fortnite’s worst weapons are for, or at least to place the blame on when you die.

Below you’ll find a list of the guns in Fortnite that should be swapped out of your inventory whenever you can. A couple of them are just not right for certain situations while some are just out-and-out useless. We’re limiting the list to just five instead of the ten that we did for Fortnite’s best weapons, just because there aren’t really that many useless guns in the game.


5. Dual Pistols | Epic/Legendary

Fortnite Battle Royale Dual Pistols

I don’t usually like to publicly disagree with my fellow Vultures, but Kieran’s proclamation of the Dual Pistols as the best weapon in Fortnite is considerably wide of the mark. While it’s true that they can do considerable damage, there are certain downsides to the weapon that means they can almost always be swapped out for a different and more reliable option.

The first is their rate of fire, which does not feel quick enough for the intensity of the late game. It’s also susceptible to bad RNG and getting nowhere near first-shot accuracy; it’s a roll of the dice with the Dual Pistols at time. It’s killer for the first stages of a match when opponents are unlikely to have shields, but it’s just not the best option at almost any other point. Epic must know people don’t use them much as they put them in every other damn chest.

Pros: good damage, useful early on.
Cons: bad accuracy, hard to hit headshots, generally unreliable.


4. Light Machine Gun | Rare/Epic

Fortnite LMG

Introduced to act as a middle ground between the Minigun and rifles, the Light Machine Gun is not an awful gun. Rather, it’s the worst pick out of many different options thanks to a wholly uncontrollable spread, it taking a day and age to reload, and also hoovering up ammo that you need for other weapons.

It’s also surprisingly ineffective at bringing down structures with a suppressed SMG somehow being more efficient. The Light Machine Gun is a weapon you pick up early on and swap out for another the first chance you get. It’s just a strange weapon, not particularly ideal at any range and a bit low on the damage side compared to the Minigun, Drum Gun, and SMG options. Plus it’s loud as shit.

Pros: can bewilder opponents, I guess?
Cons: bad accuracy, hoovers up ammo, slow to reload.


3. Hand Cannon | Epic/Legendary

Fortnite Hand Cannon

Just about the most underwhelming recreation of a Deagle ever seen in a video game, Fortnite’s Hand Cannon was highly anticipated before it was patched in. When it actually landed, it was greeted with a resounding “meh” and players went back to their bunny hopping. Tweaks to the way it operates haven’t really made much of a difference to its attractiveness, something to keep your sniper slot warm and not much else.

An upgrade on the Revolver (more on that bastard soon), the Hand Cannon is a slow-firing gun that you can use first-shot accuracy with, but it better be a headshot if you’re against a shielded opponent. It’s not great for almost any conflicts: it lacks the reliability of shotguns or even a basic pistol up close and does not allow for a zoomed-in view like the similarly scope-less Hunting Rifle. A real waste.

Pros: sounds cool.
Cons: slow, pointless if you have a sniper, unreliable.


2. Burst Rifle | Common/Uncommon/Rare

Burst Rifle

I always have a saying when it comes to the first chest you open after landing: if a Burst Rifle is inside, you will have a cursed match. The gun people swap out as soon as a standard Assault Rifle becomes available, the Burst just doesn’t cut the mustard for most encounters in Fortnite, and that’s a lot down to it falling foul of the dreaded RNG.

Even with first-shot accuracy, there’s no guarantee that your follow-up shots will land. While things certainly improve if you have its Rare variation, it still always feels like risk to opt for a Burst. It’s decent enough up close in a pinch, though you again have to depend on a dice roll to get away with it. You can train all you like with the Burst, but you may still be rained on from up high.

Pros: can cause good damage if lucky.
Cons: wild spread, too slow, just not as dependable as an Assault.


1. Revolver | Common/Uncommon/Rare

I have good memories of the Revolver as the gun I used when I achieved my first Victory Royale with a strategy that can only be described as wimpy. That’s where my fondness begins and ends for the Revolver, however. It is, quite comfortably, the worst Fortnite weapon and is just crying out for a tweak. Dual Revolvers, anyone?

Slow to shoot, wholly inaccurate, and fairly low damage unless you luck out with a headshot, there aren’t many situations in which the Revolver is a good choice. While things are better if you have quintuple of them and fire shots off by swapping between them, it’s not that viable a strategy. If the first weapon you find is a Revolver, you better hope that you find a different weapon soon as any other option is likely to better it in an encounter.

Pros: can make you feel like an all-powerful entity if you get a kill with it.
Cons: too slow, inaccurate, low damage, not suitable for most situations in a fast-paced game.