World Trigger: Season 4 – Everything You Should Know

World Trigger
World Trigger

Isekai anime are about humans being sent to strange new worlds. But what if it’s the other way around? What if people or creatures from other dimensions get sent to the human world? That idea is essentially the plot of World Trigger, where deadly humanoid creatures from another world known as “Neighbors” are teleported to Earth.

An organization known as The National Defence Agency is tasked with dealing with this new threat. They’ve reverse-engineered Neighbor technology known as “Triggers” and have been battling for three seasons now. However, the fight’s not over yet. Read on to learn more about the World Trigger: Season 4 release date and what it’s going to be about.


When Is World Trigger: Season 4 Being Released?

There is no confirmation on World Trigger: Season 4’s release date. However, an announcement should be coming soon. Seasons 2 and 3 each adapted 35 chapters. As of the time of this writing, Chapter 231 is already out, which sets the number of unadapted chapters at exactly 35.

It takes about a year for World Trigger seasons to come out after an initial announcement, so fans can expect a release window of late 2023 to early 2024.


What Could World Trigger: Season 4 Be About?

World Trigger: Season 4 ended in Chapter 196 or Volume 22 of the manga. It ended with team Tamakoma Second’s victory against Ninomiya Squad.

Volume 23 will feature the conclusion to the B-Rank War. The first part will take a step back from Tamakoma Second and show the final battle between Nasu Squad, Katori Squad, and Suwa Squad.

After the B-Rank War arc, next up is The Away Mission Selection. What makes this arc interesting is that temporary squads composed of members who’ve never worked together before will be formed. So Tamakoma Second will be divided and then team up with other people for this arc. It’ll be interesting to see new character interactions and how well these members from different teams will work together.


Which Studio Could Make World Trigger: Season 4?

Again, there have been no confirmations yet, but it’s almost guaranteed that TV Asahi will be producing World Trigger: Season 4, with Toei Animation animating it. These two companies have been producing and animating World Trigger since Season 1, and that’s probably not going to change.

TV Asahi is an anime production company established in 1957. They have a great roster of anime in their portfolio. These include Yuri!!! on Ice, From The New World, and the ongoing Blue Lock.

Toei Animation is a huge animation company that started in 1956. It’s known as the leading studio when it comes to shonen anime and has animated all-time classics such as Dragon Ball, One Piece, and Sailor Moon.

If these two companies will work on World Trigger: Season 4, fans can expect the same top-notch level of quality of writing, animation, and acting.


Where To Watch World Trigger

You can currently watch all three seasons of World Trigger on Crunchyroll. Season 2 is also available on Anime Digital Network, a French anime streaming service similar to Crunchyroll. If these services are region blocked in your area, use a VPN to switch IP addresses and bypass this issue.

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