Where To Watch Jennifer’s Body

We mean she’s actually evil. Not just high school evil.

Jennifer's Body
Jennifer's Body

Director: Karyn Kusama
Release Year: 2009

Whether or not you remember high school with much fondness, you probably didn’t have to deal with classmates possessed by actual demons. Released to mixed reviews and a poor box-office reception in 2009, Jennifer’s Body is a true example of a cult classic. This horror comedy has always had its fans but has increased those numbers to an impressive degree over the years. Much of this has been achieved through sheer online word-of-mouth. It is now appreciated as a clever, gory blend of horror and comedy. Here is where you can watch Jennifer’s Body in the US and the UK.


Jennifer’s Body Synopsis

“No. I’m Killing Boys.”

Jennifer (Megan Fox) and Needy (Amanda Seyfried) are best friends in high school. However, they couldn’t be more different. Jennifer is one of the most popular and lusted-after girls in the school, often running with a much faster crowd than the nerdy, quiet Needy. Their friendship seemingly can survive anything, which is put to a pretty unique test when Jennifer is suddenly possessed by a demon. This gives Jennifer a host of enhanced abilities, including strength and speed. It also gives her an insatiable appetite for human flesh.

Before long, Jennifer fully embraces this hunger, making friendship with Needy at best a little difficult. The central conflict of Needy trying to figure out what to do about Jennifer’s gradual transformation into something supernaturally terrifying also leaves room for some vicious social satire on high school culture and more.


Watch Jennifer’s Body In The UK

Jennifer’s Body is available to stream in the UK through subscriptions to Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and Virgin TV to Go. Those who wish to purchase a physical copy of the film on Blu-ray can do so through Amazon and other retailers.


Watch Jennifer’s Body In The US

Jennifer’s Body is available to stream in the US through a subscription to Amazon Prime Video. Anyone who wishes to purchase a Blu-Ray copy of the film can do so through Amazon and other retailers.


Jennifer’s Body Trailer

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