Vampyr Is Getting Harder (and Easier)


DONTNOD’s Vampyr, the brutal vampire-RPG set in plague-ridden post-WWI London is getting a new update soon. This update will add two new difficulty levels to the game.

Previously, it only had a single fixed difficulty setting and let the difficulty of the game be bound to how many civilians you slaughtered. The bloodier, the better. The new Hard mode embraces this and gives you even fewer experience points from killing enemies, meaning that it’s even more tempting to kill civilians to get more powers.

The other new difficulty, the so-called ‘Story’ mode, focusses less on combat, especially by toning down the difficulty, for those who don’t want to be punished as much for not feeding on the helpless. Some might find the Story mode is a welcome addition to the game, as the combat system in Vampyr wasn’t popular with everyone who played it.

The combat system is a very aggressive one, and the further you progress through the game, the more you’ll find yourself attacked by vampires with similar powers or hunters with fire and crosses. Just fighting these won’t get you enough experience to really do much.

However, the game is also built so that every time you sleep, certain people get sick, and if they stay sick for long enough, they can die. Sick people give you less XP, too, and too many people dying in an area can lead to everyone in that area dying, and the worse an area is going, the more aggressive everyone in that area is.

In anticipation of this update, Vampyr is currently 25% off on Steam.

From our Vampyr review:

“Filled with moral dilemmas and an unexpected strategic depth to its city system, Vampyr is a vampire RPG that isn’t afraid to bite back. Although some characters are quite stiff in dialogue, it’s still a great game overall with intense confrontations, fast-paced combat and a thrilling story.”

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