Could Utopia Return? One of Its Stars Thinks So

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There haven’t been many shows on television quite like Channel 4’s Utopia. During its two season run, it dripped of the atmosphere, dread and brutality that many of its peers are afraid to even attempt. So when it was unfortunately cancelled, many people were left disappointed.

According to Alexandra Roach, who played Becky, its eventual return to the small screen shouldn’t be ruled out, however.

“I love how there’s still a passion for it, trying to get it picked up,” Roach said. “I’m not sure if it’s completely dead, but I’d love to think one day that we all get back together and make something equally – or even more – amazing with Dennis Kelly’s brain behind it.”

Speaking about her involvement with the show, Roach said: “I remember reading that script and cancelling a holiday to make the audition. I rang my agent and said, ‘Get me in that room – I need to be there’.

“I did it, and then they called me back three or four times. It was one of the longest audition processes ever – but I was so up for it, because I just thought it was something completely unique and brilliant, and I needed to be part of it.

“People come up to me all the time to talk about Utopia – more than any other show or film that I’ve done – and the fans are really cool.”


Beloved cult series’ are being brought back all the time in one form or another. Whether they’re shifted to streaming services like Community or brought back after decades like Twin Peaks, it’s never the absolute death knell for a series when it’s cancelled in the modern industry. Here’s hoping we don’t have to wait ten years for the return of Utopia, though – it would be perfect for Netflix to pick up.

Source: Digital Spy

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