Two Point Campus: How to Make Romantic Relationships

Two Point Campus romance
Two Point Campus romance

Relationships are a powerful tool to improve happiness and a crucial component of student life in Two Point Campus. While friendships are the most common types of relationships students will form, romances and more intimate connections are useful in providing even greater boosts to happiness, leading to better academic performance and more money in your pockets as the president of the university.

The process of forming romantic relationships is almost identical to standard friendships (see link above), though there are a couple of caveats to keep in mind. First, these relationships are generally harder to form as there are simply fewer romantic items available to blossom such a relationship and by default, students will mostly trend towards friendships as their most common bonds.

Second, romantic relationships are most effectively formed when students directly request you to provide them access to a specific item that’ll light the spark of intimacy. However, if you place items for romantic relationships as you would friendships, students will eventually utilize them, so a mix of fulfilling student requests and being proactive in encouraging romance can be an effective combination.

Two Point Campus romance 1
Two Point Campus romance

Just like friendships, romances need to start out at a lower level, so love benches and other simpler items that bring students together are a great starting point to a budding loving relationship. Once the relationship develops, that’s when placing more complicated and higher-level items, such as dating tables, love trumpets, and bouncy beds can give that needed boost to truly solidify a romance.

So how will you craft your campus to help students find their soulmates and romantic partners?

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