Twitch Somehow Conquered Dark Souls’ Asylum Demon

Asylum Demon
Image source: Dark Souls wiki

If there’s anything that Twitch Plays Pokemon taught me, it’s that with enough awkward teamwork and continuous strokes of luck, there is no limit to what gamers can achieve. So when Twitch decided to try and take on the famously bastardly hard Dark Souls, I was already pulling for the charming fools.

Well, it looks like they have confounded the cynics by pulling off the surprising feat of beating one of its initial bosses, The Asylum Demon.

Using a voting system to decide which command to use for the avatar, spectators were able to (jarringly) control the action on the screen. On something like the millionth attempt and a week after not being able to get further than the title screen, the plucky buggers only went and pulled off the unthinkable, which you can see below.

On another note, Twitch really needs to update its media player – trying to get the video to load on your laptop anywhere apart from right next to your router is painful if you’re in a “meh” signal area.

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