Thymesia: How To Beat the Final Boss

Corvus boss fight
Corvus boss fight

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The final battle in Thymesia is against yourself, Corvus, and is one that’s made to test all of your abilities. There’s no easy way out of this fight, so you’ll need to learn the mirror’s attacks if you want to come out on top. There are, however, a few perks you’ll want to have before taking on yourself.

The enemy Corvus employs many of the plague weapons you’ve collected over the course of your journey. While you’re able to dodge and parry most of these normally, the giant Hammer plague weapon must be dealt with using your Step and Jump talent. If you go into the fight without it, you’ll need to perform 2 Long Dodge type dodges in a very short amount of time to get away from the hit. This also forces you to lose ground against the boss, which leaves you open for his long-range setups, which can include a second Hammer slam.

You’ll also want to pack the Energised Blade talent, along with the perk that allows you to carry two plague weapons. This is because you’re going to want to use your Knife plague weapon here, along with your Blood Storm plague weapon. Energized Blades will allow you to use these whenever you need to, and since the best way to beat the boss is by learning to parry the combos Corvus throws at you, you don’t want to find yourself lacking in resources.

Corvus knife attack
Corvus knife attack

The easiest way to deal with the boss is to bait the enemy Corvus into using its long-range moves. The boss will use moves such as the Feather Teleport or charge up a long-reaching claw strike, followed up by a second short-range one. These moves are easily parried and open up your mirror self to some quick sword swings to enhance the wound damage. Instead of claws, you’ll want your Knife ready with the Extended Action unlocked so you’ll be able to follow up your parries with an incredibly quick Knife strike.

The fastest way to beat boss Corvus is to learn how to parry his sword and close claw combos. If either one of these strings hits you, it leads into a combo that will deal massive damage to you, but parrying even 3 hits in either combo rewards a ton of wound damage. If you have the Extended Action unlocked on your Knife weapon, you can parry the boss and force a stagger if you use your Knife in the middle of his combo. If you’re able to land the hit, you can land a second Knife strike safely before the boss can attack you again.

Thymesia is a game with a tough learning curve, but is ultimately about preparing for problematic fights. While not every boss has a one-to-one plague weapon counter like Robot Masters in a Mega Man game, using the right tools for the job is imperative. With the information here, boss fights are something you won’t need to worry about preparing for.

Thymesia is available on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X & S.

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